How to Make Money with your Phone in Uganda


There are many ways of making money with your phone in Uganda. Nowadays, a phone is extremely important because you can use it to perform online and offline functions.

If you own a phone and you have never earned money with it, then you are lagging behind. Below are ways in which people make money through their phone in Uganda:

  • Receiving money

You can definitely make money by receiving from a relative, friends or any other person who owes you. Mobile money transfers are cheap, convenient and faster than banks.

  • Make money through betting

You can also make money with your phone through betting. All you need is to identify a good betting site, register and start betting, you’ll be paid through MPESA.

Here are two best companies to join in Uganda:

Betway(Click here to register)

22Bet(Click here to register)

You can make more than UGX 50,000 daily from betting.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing provides you with a chance to make money with your phone. Some of the companies, like Jumia pay affiliates through MPESA.You don’t even need a website for you to start making money through affiliate marketing—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp are enough.

  • Become social media influencer

Grow your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages by simply gaining followers through your unique and useful content. At some point, companies will approach you for marketing. To create a social media page, you only do it with your phone, payment is made to your phone and the content you will create is through your phone.

  • Sell betting tips

You can also make money through your phone by selling betting tips. Register with bulk SMS company, send messages to potential clients and wait for them to pay through MPESA.

  • Sell products on social media

If you have nice clothes, shoes and electronics, sell them on social media. Take photos, upload on Facebook or Instagram and wait for customers to contact you. All the customers will pay through MPESA.

  • Become a photographer

You can also become a photographer, sell your photos online or get invited to events to take photos. There are many companies online which buy photos taken by phones.

  • Become a YouTuber

To register for YouTube, you need your phone. The videos you will be uploading on Facebook is through your phone. At the end of every month, you’ll make money from YouTube through AdSense. There is nowhere you need a laptop or computer—a phone is enough.