How to Make R1000 Per Day in South Africa


There are many ways of making over R1000 per day in South Africa. The amount is equivalent to R30,000 per month. This amount is enough to sustain you every month in a middle income estate.

You can make the money online or offline depending on your area of specialization.

Below are ways to generate more than R1000 per day in South Africa:

Start a profitable business that generate over R1,000 per day

There are a number of profitable businesses to start in South Africa that will generate over R1,000 on daily basis.

Below are some of the most profitable businesses in South Africa that will generate more than R1000 per day:

  1. Electronic repair services
  2. Grocery delivery services
  3. Online shop
  4. Pub
  5. Interior design
  6. Packaging services
  7. Executive Salon &SPA
  8. Beauty salon
  9. Pharmaceutical business
  10. Livestock keeping
  11. Bottled water business
  12. Child Care business

Excellent managerial skills are needed, you also require enough capital and money to sustain the business before it breaks even.

  • Become a blogger

Blogging is also another activity you can do in South Africa to earn over R1000 per day. There are over 100 bloggers earning above R30,000 monthly without any struggle.

As a blogger, you need more than 300,000 page views per month. Income is generated via AdSense or MGID.

To create a blog, spend less than R2000 at Bluehost.The company allows you to register a domain name and buy hosting space cheaply,click here to visit Bluehost and learn about their prices

You can register for MGID and start earning the same month. There are over 1,000 bloggers in South Africa monetizing through MGID,follow this link to register

If you get approved by AdSense, you’ll easily earn more than R1,000 every month with serious content. Please ensure that your niches are, mortgage, banking, education, real estate and health for you to earn decent income.

  • Bet on football matches

There are a number of professional gamblers making over R1,000 per day. You need a capital of R100 and at least 10 odds daily to make this amount. Betway is one of the best betting sites to use, it offers high odds and instant payment, click here to register with Betway

  • Become a YouTuber

YouTube is a source of income for many South Africans. For one to earn at least R1000 per day, they must post videos regularly and target over 200,000 subscribers. YouTube can pay up to R10 per 1,000 views.

To become a YouTuber, you don’t need any special training, you only need a smartphone and internet. But the videos must be original and unique.

  • Do Academic Writing

Though academic writing is challenging, there are individuals earning over R1,000 per day by doing these jobs. To earn more, you need your own account where you get the jobs direct and get paid.

  • Get a highly paying job

There are several jobs which pay more than R30000 per month in South Africa, they include:

  1. Accountant: R 482,649 p/a.
  2. Pilot: R476, 794 p/a.
  3. Software Developer: R462,144 p/a.
  4. General Practitioner: R437,527 p/a.
  5. HR personnel: R354,000 p/a.
  6. Lawyer: R300,000 p/a.
  7. Tax Consultant: R300,000 p/a.
  8. Graphic Designer: R246,000 p/a.
  9. Medical Doctor:R300,000p/a
  10. Invest over R1000,000 in Unit Trusts

If you invest R1000,0000 and above in unit trusts, you will generate over R1,000 daily in terms of interest. Alternatively, save the money in Fixed Deposit account or buy bonds.

  • Built rental houses in major towns

Take a huge loan and build rental houses in major towns and cities. If you spend at least R2,000,000, you’ll be assured of R1000 every single day in rental income.

  • Do affiliate marketing

I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2014, I started with promoting one company, currently I promote over 30 companies. My income was low for the first 2 years but from 2017, I started earning over R30,000 every month. In a good month, I can make over R1000, 000.Some of the best affiliate programs form me include,22Bet, Betway and 22Bet.You can also register with them and start earning too.

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To earn more from affiliate marketing, you need to own niche sites. If you are dealing with web hosting, create a blog that covers web hosting topics only.

  • Invest in Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin keeps on changing. You can invest R100,000 today and earn over R1,000,000 in one month. This is an investment worth taking.

  • Forex Trading

For those with good knowledge of statistics and mathematics, you can register with a Forex Trading company and make a lot of money. With enough experience in Forex Trading, which comes with repeated tradings, you will earn constantly over R1,000 per day. Some traders earn upwards of R2,000 per day and live their dream lives.