Is Nursing Marketable Course in Uganda



Nursing is a very marketable course in Uganda-one of the few courses that can promise you employment even when you are still in college. Nursing is not only the best course in Uganda but a must do course for anyone intending to launch a career in the medical field.

Currently unemployment rate in Uganda is over 50 % but nursing remains one of the few causes with lowest unemployment rate.

The good thing with nursing is that you can open your own pharmacy or clinic if you find employment hard to come by. You can as well drop your academic papers in the following hospitals and institutions:

Ministry of health Uganda

St Mary’s Hospital Lacor Uganda

Hope Clinic Lukuli

Kumi Hospital

Suubi Medical Clinic Uganda

Gulu Independent Hospital

International Medical Group

Angal Hospital

There are also several NGOs that employ nurses in Uganda. Some of the popular NGOs include world Vision and United Nations.

Makerere University s the best institution to study Nursing.You can also study in UK, USA, Australia and Canada.