KCSE Grade Required to Study Actuarial Science in Kenya



Actuarial Science is one of the most marketable courses to study in Kenya and among the most sought after skills in the Insurance sector. Studying the course in Kenya requires one to have some grade in KCSE in order to be admitted to Kenyan Universities.

Most Universities in Kenya admit students who score C+ and above in KCSE,but there are some public universities that are somehow strict. A University like Strathmore requires one to have at least a B in Mathematics and at least a C+ in general grade in order to be admitted to the prestigious university.

University of Nairobi require a student to have at least an A- to be admitted to regular program through JAB.However,universities like KEMU,Mount Kenya Univeristy.CUEA and Kisii admit students with C+ in any subject.

Generally, to be admitted to parallel program, a C+ is enough for a KCSE holder, but to be on the safer side and be assured of getting admission to a public university, strive to score at least a B plain with a B+ in Mathematics.