Is Quantity Surveying marketable in Kenya


Quantity surveying is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya whether pursued in undergraduate or postgraduate. I would gladly encourage anyone who intend to pursue a diploma or degree course in the country to select quantity surveying.

A marketable course is not necessarily one that pays a lot of money, but it’s one that has opportunities. In addition, it must provide growth chances. I always interact with quantity surveyors and from my own experience, these are happy people.

If you are employed by the government, the salary might be as little as Ksh 70,000 per month but what you get outside your salary can even be 10 times. Interestingly, all quantity surveyors do side hustles.

Before you get a land title deed, it’s mandatory that you call a surveyor to take measurements as you fence the land. The surveyor will be paid more than Ksh5,000 depending on the size and price of land. In some cases, a surveyor earns up to Ksh1 million from one client.

Land transactions take place daily and it’s the work of a surveyor to ensure that the buyer gets the right measurements. The owner of the land and the buyer would agree on which surveyor to give the responsibility. With more than 3 years’ of experience, a surveyor won’t struggle to get clients, instead clients will look for them.

A surveyor has three options: either to employ himself, get employed by the government or do both. But most surveyors opt to employ themselves.

I will encourage anyone with strong background in mathematics and sciences to consider taking Quantity Surveying, it’s a highly marketable course. In a month, you’ll be earning not less than Ksh150,000. With substantial amount of experience, you’ll earn more than Ksh300,000 monthly.