DSTV Price List Uganda


The price list of DSTV Uganda is based on the number of channels offered by each package. Premium plan has the highest number of channels and it costs UGX 291,000 while Great Wall has the least number of channels (40) and it costs UGX24,375

Here is the price list for all the packages offered by DSTV Uganda:

  • Premium —140+ CHANNELS—UGX 219K
  • Compact Plus –130+ CHANNELS—UGX 129K
  • Compact –125+ CHANNELS—UGX 79K
  • Family —95+ CHANNELS—UGX 49K
  • Access –75+ CHANNELS—UGX 33K
  • Portuguesa —5+ CHANNELS—UGX 206,250K


  • Great Wall —10+ CHANNELS—-UGX 24,375K
  • Indian —-10+ CHANNELS—-UGX 131,250K
  • French Touch —-5+ CHANNELS—UGX 26.5K
  • French Plus —-15+ CHANNELS—-UGX 132,750K