Jamii Bora Bank Kenya Salaries



Jamii Bora Bank is one of the 43 banks in Kenya.The salaries at the bank are generally lower than what most of the banks pay.

If you are lucky yto be employed as a clerk/cashier,your salary will be Ksh25,000-Ksh35,000 while those who join the company as sales executives and loan officers earn Ksh15,000-Ksh25,000

Jamii Bora Bank rewards managers handsomely, but as we said the salaries are lower than big banks in the country. A branch manager for the bank earns Ksh90,000-Ksh180,000 while Operations Managers earn Ksh Ksh80,000-Ksh150,000.

In General the average salary of a cashier at Jamii Bora Bank is Ksh35, 000 while that of a middle level manager is Ksh 120,000.

The CEO of the bank, according to latest figures, earns Ksh 1.2M-Ksh1.8M while the Chief Finance Officer earns Ksh 800,000-Ksh1.2M