Jobs You can earn Over Ksh100,000 With a Diploma Course in Kenya



There has been a notion in Kenya that without a degree course, you can’t earn more than Ksh100,000,but that notion is over today. There are several jobs you can do and earn over Ksh100,000…even Ksh 300,000.

If you are planning to join college, you must target high paying careers, which include:

Journalism and mass communication

If you are a news anchor or radio presenter, chances are that you will earn over Ksh100,000.

Journalists working for top media houses in Kenya, such as Nation Media Group, Standard Media Group and Royal Media Services earn at least Ksh 50,000.Those who have worked for these firms for more than 3 years are pocketing over Ksh100,000.

Classic FM and Kiss FM are among the highest paying stations. Here, with a diploma course, you can earn upwards of Ksh80,000.

Electrical and Civil Engineers

Electrical engineers especially those working for Bamburi Cement, Kenya Power and KenGen earn more than Ksh100, 000 even if some of them don’t possess university degree. Electrical engineering is one such course that will take you places in Kenya.

NGO jobs

Jobs like Monitoring and Evaluation and field officers earn handsome perks. These jobs pay well when an individual works for an NGO..and he can pocket as high as Ksh200,000 with just a diploma qualification.


A diploma course in piloting will definitely make you a pilot. And if you find yourself doing this job, expect at least Ksh150, 000 a month.


Even if you are an MCA, Senator or MP, you will smile all the way to the bank. The least paid is an MCA who pockets at least Ksh300, 000 per month.