Jobs & Career Opportunities in Dubai International Airport



Dubai International Airport advertises several job opportunities for job seekers who are seeking employment in the aviation industry.

Dubai Airports owns and manages the operation and development of both airports Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International (DWC), which are the largest Airports in Dubai. Getting a job here is a privilege because the salaries are huge.

Most jobs at the Airport require skills related to customer care, security and operations, air traffic control, piloting and cabin crew, but there are jobs that don’t require much skills.

Since there are few people in Dubai willing to do manual jobs, labour is imported from countries that have surplus skills. That is why Indians, Africans and Chinese people are rushing to Dubai in search of greener pastures.

If you are seeking employment at Dubai International Airport, below are jobs that are mostly advertised:

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew jobs are special because they ensure that passengers have memorable journey by providing the comfort required in the plane. Dubai International Airport always advertise jobs for

  1. Reservation and Ticketing Agency
  2. Finance Assistant/Accountant
  3. Pilot
  4. Loaders
  5. Aircraft Mechanic
  6. Human Resource Officer
  7. Customer Care Officer
  8. Call Centre Officer
  9. Sales Executive
  10. Procurement specialist
  11. Cargo Operations specialist
  12. Scheduler
  13. Project Manager
  14. Fleet Planning Officer
  15. Legal Officer
  16. Security Officers

If you have any of the qualifications relevant to above listed jobs, you can apply for the jobs by visiting their website.

The jobs are usually advertised on their website.