Jobs That Pay over Ush 1 million in Uganda (Sh 1million,Sh 2million,Sh3 million,Sh4 million)



There are several job opportunities in Uganda, some pay less than Ush1 million while others pay more than this amount

If you want to earn more,avoid easy courses because the competition is high and if you want to earn even more than Ush 5 million pursue courses like CFA and Law.

In Uganda, the following are jobs and careers that pay more than Ush 1 million

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts who work for Bank of Uganda, international audit firms, stock market and investment banks earn more than Ush 2 million per month. This course required a business related degree plus CFA qualification.

Medical Doctor

The average salary of a Medical Doctor in Uganda is Ush 1.2 million. But several doctors earn more than Ush 2 million, especially those who work for private hospitals.

Monitoring and Evaluation Officers/Statisticians

Monitoring and Evaluation officers mostly work for NGO institutions and the average salary of these professionals is Ush 2 million.

Though this career is rare in Uganda, the pay is good.

Electrical /Civil Engineer

Electrical end civil engineers are also people who earn more than Ush 2 million per month. This course is tough in college but rewarding in the practical world.

Electrical engineers who work for top government institutions earn more than Ush 1 million. But the best companies to work for are multinationals which operate in Uganda.

Real estate Managers

As the real estate grows in Uganda, so are the people behind the growth. Real Estate Managers make a kill from the deals they make; their salaries are also attractive.

Currently, real estate manager earns average salary of Ush 2.1 million while his assistant pockets more than half of this amount.

United Nations Jobs

United Nations Jobs in Uganda pay unbelievable salaries,in fact one month salary can feed you for a whole year.Currently,UN salary figures show that a worker at the institution pocket at least Ush5 million per month…more than 70 % of the workers at this institution make at least Ush 10 million per month.

Actuarial Science

Actuaries in Uganda are few but those who have joined various institutions within the country are smiling all the way to the bank.

An actuary who works for insurance companies and government institutions pocket more than Ush3 million per month.

Finance Manager

Bachelor of Commerce and ACCA are two courses which will land you a well-paying career.The average salary of a finance manager in Uganda is Ush 2.8 million per month,but this figure could rise or be lower than this depending on the institution you work for.

Internal Auditor

If you pursued CPA,ACCA,CIA or CFA plus a business related course,you are likely to earn above Ush 5 million as an auditor.Companies like PWC and Deloitte pay more than Ush 5 million per month.

News Anchor

The average salary of a news anchor at a top media house in Uganda is Ush 3.5 million. Some news anchors earn upwards of Ush 4 million.