KASNEB Pass mark for CPA, CIFA, CS, CICT and CCP-Are the papers marked.



Several Kasneb candidates ask about the pass mark for CPA, CIFA, CS, CICT and CCP and diploma courses because they believe the popular professional exams are not marked.Well,from a reliable source, the pass mark for exams is not fixed-it varies depending on performance.

One of the people who has been marking the exams since 2010 confirms to me that in most cases, the pass mark is around 40, which means that if a candidate manages to get two questions of 20 marks each, he is likely to pass the papers.

The examiner, however, reveals that sometimes the papers can be hard for candidates, forcing almost 80 % of them to score less than 40 %.When this case occurs, the body decides to set the pass mark even lower, or pass some candidates based on the kind of questions they get right. There are specific questions, mostly hard, which are set for candidates and if an individual manages to tackle the question, he is likely to pass the paper even if he scores 20 %.That is why sometimes you find that you only answered only one question correct yet you passed the paper, and you wonder how!

There are also some papers which are extremely cheap. In these papers, candidates often score more than 60 %.In this case the pass mark goes past 50 %.this is where most candidates wonder how they managed to fail the papers yet they knew they would pass.