KCSE Required to Study Degree in Civil Engineering in Kenya



Degree in Civil Engineering is one of the most marketable programs in Kenya. The course is pursued both at private and public universities. It requires at least an A- in KCSE for you to study the course at a public university under the regular program and at least C+ for parallel student. Universities, however, have different entry requirements, which depend on popularity of the institution.

Here are the entry requirements for various universities in Kenya

JOMO KENYATTA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (JKUAT) offers the course, and here are admission requirements

BSc. Civil Engineering

Admission Requirements
KCSE Mean grade B- (minus) and mean grade for the total score in the four JAB cluster subjects of at lest B (plain) and the following minimum grades in the individual luster subjects: Mathematics C+, Physics C+, Chemistry C+, Geography or Biology, or group III or any group IV.

KENYATTA UNIVERSITY also offers Civil Engineering at undergraduate level. The minimum entry requirements are as follows

Qualifications- KCSE C + (plus) with at least B+ Maths and physics and B plain in Chemistry and English or C plain in KCSE with a diploma at least credit or pass in relevant fields of study from a recognized institution

UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI, the best university in Kenya, is known for producing the best engineers. Entry requirements for parallel program are as follows:

F.1     Categories of Applicants:

Candidates shall be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Science Degree in the School of Engineering in the following categories.


          a)    KCSE Candidates

The basic admissions requirement shall be the minimum entry requirements set for entry into the Public Universities, which is at least an average grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). In addition candidates are expected to have performed well in the following alternative cluster of subjects in KCSE Examinations, but at any rate shall have obtained at least a grade of C+ in each of the cluster subjects.


                  Alternative A:

Physics                            Biology or Geography

Chemistry                       or any Group IV subject



                  Alternative B:

Physical Sciences             Geography or any

Biological Sciences          IV subject



                  Group IV Subjects:

Home Science                 Building Construction

Art and Design              Power Mechanics

Agriculture                      Electricity

Woodwork                     Drawing and Design

Metalwork                      Aviation Technology


b)      A-level Candidates

Candidates with a minimum entry requirements of 2 principal passes in Mathematics and Physics and a subsidiary level pass in Chemistry with a credit pass in English at

These are the basic admission requirements for parallel students. Regular students are required to score at least A- in KCSE.



  1. I have a mean grade of a B- in the KCSE with a B+in maths B in physics B in chemistry but a C- in English can a qualify for a Civil engineering course at any university in kenya

  2. I have a mean grade of a B- in the KCSE with a B+in maths B in physics B in chemistry but a C- in English can a qualify for a Civil engineering course at any university in kenya or not

  3. what is the difference between bachelor of science civil engineering, bachelor of science civil and construction engineering, and bachelor of science civil and structural engineering

  4. I have a mean garde of B having A in mathematics,B in chemistry,B- in biology,C+ in English but D in physics can I able to do a civil engineering in any universities in Kenya?