Kinsta Refund


Kinsta offers refund for its customers and it’s under the 30-day-money guarantee policy. If one has paid, used Kinsta services and found not satisfactory, they would be allowed to seek for refund. The refund is only valid if you haven’t used the service for more than 30 days.

If you are planning to use Kinsta services, you can register, pay as little as $30 per month, use their services and see whether they will work for you. The first step is to create an account, click here to create an account for free

After you have created an account, select a plan and go ahead and make your payment. Kinsta will move your site to their platform for free. Normally, other companies will charge as high as $300 to migrate your content but Kinsta will do it for free.

One thing you will not worry about is the service you’ll receive at Kinsta.I am one of the customers and I am 100% contented. Statistics show that only 4% of clients move from Kinsta every year, which is an insignificant number. Those who move do so because they don’t have enough budget or they just decide to close their business.

For those with viral websites,Kinsta is the best web hosting company to join.The company has servers which sustain in excess of 50 million monthly visitors.Check Kinsta plans here