How Much Does Bluehost Cost Per Month


The cost of paying for hosting at Bluehost per month range between $3.95 and $199.99. There are four main types of hosting: Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server and WordPress Hosting.

Clients choose the most suitable hosting plan based on resources required by their website. When making payments, one will pay monthly,3 months,6 months,1 year,2 years,3 years or 5 years. The longer the period the cheaper the amount to pay.

Payment amount for Shared Hosting plans

  • Basic–$3.95 per month
  • Plus–$5.95 per month
  • Choice plus–$5.95 per month
  • Pro–$13.95 per month

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VPS Hosting

  • Standard–$19.99 per month
  • Enhanced–$29.99 per month
  • Ultimate–$59.99 per month

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Dedicated hosting monthly pricing

Dedicated hosting is the best for viral websites. Monthly hosting prices are as follows:

Standard–$79.99 per month

Enhanced–$99.99 per month

Premium–$119.99 per month

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WordPress hosting monthly price

Basic–$3.95 per month

Plus–$5.95 per month

Choice Plus–$5.95 per month

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Payment can be made via Credit Card, PayPal, MasterCard or Cheque.It’s better and cheaper to pay per 6 months,1 year or 3 years.