List of Academic Programmes Offered at American University of Kuwait



American University of Kuwait offers more than 30 undergraduate and post graduate academic programmes,as listed below.


  • BS Accounting
  • BSBA – Finance
  • BSBA – Management Information System (MIS)
  • BSBA – Marketing
  • BSBA – Human Resource Management
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MBA


  • Sc. Industrial Engineering
  • Sc. Computer Engineering
  • Sc. Electrical Engineering
  • Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  • Sc. Chemical Engineering
  • Sc. Information Systems and Technology
  • Sc. Telecommunications and Networking Technology

The most popular program at this university is MBA, which is pursued by hundreds of students annually.

When I actually look at the courses offered by American University of Kuwait,I don’t see a program which is less marketable—all programs are popular. Take for instance BSc Electrical Engineering.This program is listed among the best paying careers in the country.A graduate of Electrical Engineering will be offered a job at the oil and gas industry where he is paid 10 times more than a graduate of a degree in education.

Also popular in the list are programmes related to finance and accounting. In Kuwait, every sector needs an accountant and a finance manager. These professionals are drawn from finance and business fields.

Finally, if you want to join the best university, American University of Kuwait is the best college to enroll for a course of your choice.