I Spent $99 every Month on SEMrush SEO tool, My Website Traffic Improved from 100 to 100,000 visitors Per Day



The first time I heard about SEMrush was through a forum, where someone who had used toe SEO tool expressed his opinion. I was forced to know more about the tool through opinion of other bloggers. At that time, my website traffic was less than 100 per day and I desperately wanted to grow it but I didn’t know the right technique to use.

One morning I decided to give SEMrush a try. I was encouraged because the company offered one month free trial(click here to join too).I signed up and started enjoying full services of SEMrush.One thing that got my attention was their ability to spy on my opponent’s keywords. The tool suggested numerous keywords I would use for my articles. I loved this so much that I was motivated to write over 10 articles per day.

After one month of using the free plan,I decided to pay $99 per month. Though paying this amount was initially painful, in fullness of time, I came to know why it was important. One thing I achieved through this decision was the fact that my site’s traffic improved from 100 visitors per day to a total of 50,000 in a single day, this result came after three months of using SEMrush.

In three months, my AdSense income increased from $1 per day to $100 per day. I use $100 per day to pay SEMrush because they are the ones who have made my site grow to this level.

I will have to thank SEMrush because, despite earning from AdSense, I am able to rank first in search engines, something that has made advertisers to recognize my site. I know get direct adverts from several companies.

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