Marketable courses to do with D+,D and D- in KCSE in Kenya 2022


Scoring D+,D plain or D-  is not the end of life. There are many courses you can pursue with this grade and become so successful.However,most of these programs will prepare you to become self-employed.

I have interacted with mechanics and other professionals making in excess of Ksh300, 000 per month yet they didn’t score higher grades than D+

Success is all about attitude, hard work, working smart and interacting with the right people.

We have listed some of the best courses to pursue in Kenya with a D-,D plain or D+ grade in KCSE.Here is the list:

  1. Artisan in Electrical Installation
  2. Artisan in Housekeeping
  3. Artisan in Garment Making
  4. Artisan in Food and Beverages
  5. Craft Certificate in Fashion and Design Module
  6. Craft Certificate in Catering & Accommodation
  7. Craft Certificate in Tour Guiding and Travel Operations
  8. Artisan in Welding and Fabrication
  9. Artisan in Automotive Engineering
  10. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
  11. Craft Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics 
  12. International Computer Driving License
  13. Computer Repair and Maintenance
  14. Craft Certificate in Building Technology Module
  15. Craft Certificate Land Survey
  16. Craft Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery
  17. Craft Certificate in Masonry
  18. Craft Certificate in Plumbing & Building services
  19. Certificate in Counseling Psychology
  20. Craft Certificate in Secretarial Studies
  21. Craft Certificate in Sales and Marketing
  22. Craft Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  23. Dairy Farm Management
  24. Poultry Layers Production Operation
  25. Baking Technology
  26. Housekeeping and Accommodation
  27. Solar PV Installation
  28. Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management
  29. Certificate in Information Technology
  30. Certificate in Public Relations and Diplomacy
  31. Certificate in Hospitality Management
  32. Certificate in Early Childhood Studies
  33. Certificate in Criminology and Security Management
  34. Certificate in Computer Forensics and Investigations
  35. Certificate in Computer Engineering
  36. Certificate in Computer Application Packages