Most marketable courses to do with C,C- and C+ in KCSE in Kenya 2022


If you had a C+,C plain and C-,there are specific marketable courses to pursue in Kenya. With these grades, you are locked out from pursuing tough courses like Medicine, Actuarial Science and Bachelor of Architecture. But there are certain degrees and diploma courses which are more marketable than even Architecture.

A marketable course is one which will enable you to get a job quickly after graduation or one that will enable you set up a profitable business which is in line with your career.

With a C+ you can join a university for a degree course but with a C plain and below, you’ll only enroll for a diploma course.

Here is a list of the best courses to do with such grades:

  1. Diploma in Nursing
  2. Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  3. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  4. Diploma in Automobile Engineering
  5. Diploma in law
  6. Diploma in Pharmacy
  7. Diploma In Architecture
  8. Diploma in Accounting
  9. Diploma in Animal Health and Production
  10. Diploma in Animation and Motion Studies
  11. Diploma in Business Information Technology
  12. Diploma in Clinical and Community Nutrition
  13. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  14. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
  15. Diploma in Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management
  16. Diploma in Computer Engineering
  17. Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
  18. Diploma in Counseling Psychology
  19. Diploma in Criminology and Security Management
  20. Diploma in Dental Technology
  21. Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development
  22. Diploma in Education (Arts)
  23. Diploma in Education (Science)
  24. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  25. Diploma in Film Production
  26. Diploma in Food Science and Processing Technology
  27. Diploma in Hospitality Management
  28. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  29. Diploma in Information Technology
  30. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  31. Diploma in Medical Engineering
  32. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  33. Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
  34. Diploma in Project Management
  35. Diploma in Public Relations and Diplomacy
  36. Diploma in Purchasing and Procurement Management
  37. Diploma in Special Needs Education