Mediavine Payment Methods


Mediavine pays all payments via Tipalti, which allows publishers to select their preferred payment method.

Below are the payment methods by Mediavine:

  1. PayPal
  2. Domestic ACH
  3. International ACH
  4. U.S. wire transfer
  5. International wire transfer

Payment methods and fee charged:

ACH International

Minimum threshold: $200

Fee amount:None


Minimum threshold:$25

Fee amount: None


Minimum threshold: $25

Fee amount: None

Wire transfer U.S

Minimum threshold: $25

Fee amount: $15 per transaction

Wire Tranfer Non-U.S,Non USD

Minimum Threshold: $25

Fee amount: $20 per transaction

Wire Transfer Non-U.S,USD

Minimum Threshold:$25

Fee amount:$26 per transaction

Majority of the publishers are paid through PayPal because Mediavine does not charge any transaction fee.