Ezoic Payment methods


Ezoic operates on a net 30 day where they pay 30 days after the confirmation of the payment. Payments occur between 27 and 31 of every month as long as a publisher meets the minimum threshold.

If one is using Google AdSense, the Minimum payment threshold is $100 but Ezoic’s minimum threshold is $20.

Payment methods include:



– Direct deposit – which is a US Bank Transfer via Payoneer and this option is only available to US residents

– International Wire Transfer via Payoneer – please note that international wire transfers are subject to a currency conversion fee of 2% unless the currency is specified below:

Canada   (CAD)                0.15%

UK           (GBP)               0.15%

EU            (EUR)               0.15%

Pakistan   (PKR)              0.15%

China        (CNY)              0.15%

India            (INR)             0.50%

Alternatively, there is a $15 fee to receive funds in USD.

– Payoneer Prepaid Card

Note: electronic bank transfers to the United States are free of charge.

The amount reflects into your account one day to 3 days after being credited. PayPal and Payoneer are the most convenient for small transactions.

It’s the publisher who chooses a particular payment method they wish to receive money with.