Mediavine Requirements


Wat are the requirements to get approved by Mediavine? Well, one of the requirements is that your blog must contain high quality content, content which is original and useful to your readers.

  1. Small, medium and big blogs are allowed to monetize with Mediavine.For one’s website to get approved, below are the minimum requirements;
  2. The site must have high level domain like .com .If you are using a free domain ,it’s time to get one.Bluehost offers a free domain for every new client,click here to get one
  3. The site’s content must be original and of high quality. Avoid copying content from other blogs. Mediavine will check the level of plagiarism before approving your site.
  4. Each article should contain more than 500 words. If possible, create at least 10 articles with above 2,000 words each.
  5. 50,000 visitors and more for the past 30 days.
  6. The site must be more than 3 months old before applying for approval
  7. Avoid adult and gambling content.
  8. Sites with fake traffic are not approved
  9. Ensure your site’s traffic contains significant number of organic visitors. The minimum should be 25% organic traffic.
  10. Most of your traffic should be from USA
  11. Google AdSense good standing, meaning that your site should not be banned from AdSense.

After meeting those conditions, apply for approval. The approval process will take up to two days.

The income you’ll earn from Mediavine depends on traffic.1 million visitors will generate $2000 to $4000.A website getting traffic of 100,000 earns $200 and above.

In case your blog is not approved by Mediavine,try MGID.The requirements for MGID are not many—the company pays publishers good money.To apply for MGID,click on this link