Midlands State University Fees Structure



Below is the fees structure for Midlands State University, Zimbabwe

Fee Structure Second Semester 2016

Commerce/Law NRM/ Education    
Social Sciences Science & Tech Undergrad  BED Adult Education
Arts   Fulltime Block Fulltime  
(Conventional) US$572.00 US$622.00 US$572.00 US$592.00 US$437.00
(Parallel) US$632.00 US$692.00 US$632.00
Harare Programmes          
Masters Masters Visiting Masters Mcomm  
Harare MBA/EMBA  Other MBA/EMBA Block  
US$1,341.00 US$2,096.00 US$950.00 US$1,932.00 US$952.00
Adult Education Bridging Bridging Visiting
Block Local International  Other
US$397.00 US$462.00 US$952.00 US$752.00
Post Grad Post Grad Masters MPhil/Dphil International International
Dip- Humanities Dip- Sciences Full time   Undergrad Post Grad
US$712.00 US$762.00 US$732.00 US$807.00 US$1,472.00 US$1,682.00
 ODL  ODL ODL      
 Undergrad Post Grad Masters      
 Block Dip-humanities Block
US$896.00 US$1,136.00 US$1,616.00

Field Trips

Film and Theatre Studies US$50.00
Archaeology and Museum Studies US$35.00
Faculty of NRM US$25.00
Geography US$10.00
Law US$55.00
Food Science US$33.00
Development Studies US$8.00
Biology US$28.00
Archaeology Masters US$295.00
Cultural Heritage – Masters US$180.00
Museum -Masters US$166.00
Chemical Technology US$35.00
Surveying and Geomatics Camp Fee US$45.00
Tourism and Hospitality US$27.00
Media and Society Studies US$30.00
Psychology-Undergrad US$10.00
Psychology Masters US$30.00
Music and Musicology US$35.00
Marketing Management US$14.00
Human Resource Management US$30.00
African Languages US$12.00
Dissertation – Level 4.2 US$50.00


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