Most Marketable Courses in Kenya 2020


There are over 10 marketable courses in Kenya you should know about before enrolling for any degree or diploma program. A marketable course is one with plenty of job opportunities and can enable you to employ yourself. Some of the marketable courses are offered at diploma level, like Nursing, majority are under degree level.

There are a couple of marketable courses which come with a salary of Ksh 100,000 and above per month even when the bearer does not possess any professional experience. Piloting and medicine are some of the programs.

In 2020, here are the marketable courses in Kenya:

  • Piloting

Piloting is among the best paying professions in Kenya. At KQ a pilot earns upwards of Ksh600,000 per month. This is also the most marketable course in Kenya because there is a deficit of pilots.

To complete a course in piloting, you need more than Ksh5.5 million. The high cost of training is the reason there is a deficit of pilots in Kenya.

  • Medicine & Surgery

If you don’t want to be jobless in Kenya, pursue a course in Medicine& Surgery. It will take you less than 3 months to secure a job upon graduating. Even if you don’t get a stable job,you can always be allowed to start your own clinic.

A medical doctor in leading private hospitals earn more than Ksh300,000 per month.

The best places to do medicine and surgery in Kenya are: Nairobi University, Kenyatta University, Moi University and Mount Kenya University.

  • Pharmacy

Pharmacy is marketable both at diploma and degree level. When you are through with pharmacy course, start your own chemist and see the amount of money you’ll earn in a month.A busy chemist in Nairobi generates Ksh500,0000 to Ksh5 million per month. The good thing is that the competition in this sector is not high.

  • Nursing

There is no single nurse who is jobless in Kenya unless they are choosy over salaries. Nursing does not pay well but it’s a marketable course. If you possess a diploma in nursing from KMTC, you have more than 99% chances of being employed within a year of graduation.

The average salary of a nurse in Kenya is Ksh 40,000 per month

  • Law

Law is offered at Nairobi University, Moi University, JKUAT, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Riara University, Mount Kenya University among others. After graduating with a degree in law, which takes 5 years, they proceed to the Kenya School of Law for a diploma course that takes one year.

Lawyers are among the most paid professional in the country, some of them make up to Ksh50 million per month. But the profession is only rewarding for lawyers who have gathered enough experience to represent loaded clients. At some level you will struggle, but if your tongue is good and you are able to win cases, this profession will reward you handsomely.

  • Bachelor of Software Engineering

We are in the era of technology, even the government is embracing technology. Software engineering is a marketable course which you should pursue if you want to work for the leading technology companies in Kenya. A software engineer at IBM or Google earns more than Ksh800,000 per month. Safaricom,Airtel and Facebook are among other companies employing these engineers.

When you are good in developing Apps,you don’t even need a full time job, clients will come.

  • Computer Science/Computer Engineering

Computer Science/Computer Engineering are as marketable as Software Engineering, but one has to be armed with excellent skills in programming. The starting salary of a computer engineer is above Ksh 120,000.

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical engineers have the option of being employed or employing themselves. I always notice that those with a diploma course always employ themselves. You can’t go hungry when you possess qualifications in electrical engineering.

  • Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying qualification won’t let you down. This is a wonderful course especially at undergraduate level. If you get a job at county level, you will make a lot of money from deals. I know of a friend who makes over Ksh30,000 daily from several deals.

You will also register your own company and perform surveying duties for clients.

  • Architecture

If you love drawing, please don’t ignore architecture. This is one profession I love to see my friends and family members join. Architecture starts being sweet when you gain more than 2 years of experience. If you get a chance to design a landmark building, you will become an instant millionaire.

  • Chartered Financial Analyst plus Bcom

Bachelor of Commerce alone is not good but when you combine CFA,you become a complete product. There is no chance of becoming jobless when you possess these qualifications.Financial Analysts earn in excess of Ksh 200,000 per month even when they possess little or no professional experience.

  • Actuarial Science plus Actuarial professional courses

Actuarial Science degree alone is not marketable unless you combine with a professional certificate from SOA .It’s extremely hard to complete all the professional courses in this profession, it takes someone approximately 7 years.

Actuaries earn Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 2 million per month in Kenya.

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  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is an excellent course for individuals wanting to join the NGO sector. With a masters in this course, you’ll earn over Ksh250,000 every month. Most NGOs conduct field studies which heavily rely on monitoring and evaluation skills. The course is offered by AMREF and Kenya Institute of Management.

If you hold a degree in Statistics, pursue a Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation and see how you’ll become marketable.

  • Cake Baking training

If you want to eat life with a big spoon, pursue a course in cake baking. You may not secure employment in a reputable organization but with the skills you possess, you’ll have a chance to open a business where you supply cakes to a range of clients. If you want to become an entrepreneur and possibly be among a class of millionaires, pursue cake baking business.

Starting a cake baking business will cost you approximately Ksh 300,000 but you’ll earn a profit in the neighbourhood of Ksh 10,000 per month.

  • Bachelor of Statistics/Applied Statistics

Bachelor of Statistics will be a wonderful course for those with excellent mathematics acumen. Every sector of the economy requires the services of analysts, even the Ministry of Health. You can specialize in Actuarial Science, Epidemiology, Demography, Finance, Economics or Monitoring and Evaluation.

The average salary of a Statistician in Kenya is Ksh120,000 per month.

If you aren’t able to secure employment, start your own firm and do academic writing jobs—there are thousands of Kenyans who will need your services, especially university students.

  • Information Technology

I will encourage anyone intending to pursue IT to go ahead because there are plenty of jobs for them. You can develop Apps, do web design or get employed by companies like IBM.With skills in IT, you won’t lack anything to do in life.

Companies like IBM and Safaricom pay IT specialists upwards of Ksh 400,000 per month. Those possessing over 5 years of experience can earn more than Ksh800,000.

  • Procurement and purchasing

Procurement and purchasing is an excellent course for those who secure employment in government institutions. Getting a job may be extremely hard but once you have secured one, your life will chance within a short time. If you are at a position of awarding tenders, that’s where you’ll become a millionaire.

You should also fight to get a job at the county level.

  • Human Resources Management

Make sure that you pursue Human Resource Management to Masters level, then a professional course.HR professional are the most advantaged people in any organizations because they possess powers to hire, they are also well paid.

  • Hotel Management

Hotel Management may not be well paying but it’s marketable. When you possess these skills, you won’t lack something to do, you can decide to start your own restaurant or seek opportunities in the hotel industry.

  • Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is as marketable as software engineering; it’s offered at Kenyatta University. The chances of getting employed within one year of graduation are more than 90%. If you specialize in Software Engineering, you’ll even secure a job before graduation date.

Computer Engineers work in companies like Safaricom, Airtel, IBM, Samsung East Africa, Motor Vehicle Industry, Google and Facebook. The starting salaries are above Ksh120,000.

  • Project Management

Project Management is marketable when one pursues it to Masters or PhD level. Majority of graduates are employed in NGOs, especially those dealing with field work. Project Management perfectly complement courses like Statistics, Marketing, HR and Procurement.

  • Marketing

There is no single company works without assembling a marketing team. Without an effective marketing team, a company will find it hard to grow. Starting salaries may not be decent but if one secures a managerial position, they will earn extremely well.

  • Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine is suitable for self-employment. There are many farmers who need the services of veterinary medicine but graduates are few. If you set up your own firm, you’ll easily excel.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

If you are working for institutions like NEMA, Ministry of Environment or Housing, Environmental Impact Assessment is the best course to pursue in order to supplement your degree/diploma qualification. This is a very marketable course for graduates of Environmental Science.

  • Chartered Financial analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst is the most marketable professional program for business related graduates, the course is even more marketable than Bachelor of Commerce. Instead of pursuing MBA,go for CFA and you’ll see how fast you’ll secure a job.

  • ACCA

ACCA is suitable for accountants, it’s offered at Strathmore University. Since CPA is flooded, it’s advisable to pursue ACCA which is more international than CPA.