Most Stable Jobs with High Salaries in Kenya


There are jobs in Kenya which no matter what, you’ll never get sacked. A stable job is what someone needs in order to progress in life. Stable jobs have high job security and come with benefits like mortgages and long term loans.

Here is a list of stable jobs in Kenya:

  • KDF

If you are recruited into KDF, chances of losing your job are almost zero. Nearly 100% KDF employees are never retrenched. The beauty of this job is that it comes with good pay and job security. A KDF employee earns above Ksh70,000 per month.

  • Kenyan Government Teacher

Teaching jobs are also among the most stable jobs in the country. The moment you are recruited; you are sure that you’ll serve until retirement. Teachers also get access to cheap loans which enable them develop within the time they’re serving.

  • Government nurses and doctors

The demand for doctors is higher than the supply. When someone is absorbed by the Kenyan government as a Doctor, chances of losing their job is almost zero. A nurse employed by the government is also assured of long term engagement unless they decide to resign and seek employment elsewhere.

  • Government parastatal workers

Government parastatals like KPC, Kenya Power, KeNGeN, EACE, KRA and Central Bank are among institutions which have stable jobs. Most of these parastatals pay from Ksh100,000 per month.

Once you secure a jobs at any government parastatal, the thought of being fired won’t cross your mind.

  • Safaricom

Of all the private institutions in Kenya, Safaricom is the most stable. It’s hard to lose your job at Safaricom if you are hardworking, disciplined and talented. Salaries for graduates are in excess of Ksh120,000 per month.

  • BAT

BAT is one that manufactures cigarettes, it’s among the best paying companies in Kenya. There is no single year BAT had made a loss. Graduate trainees earn above Ksh 100,000 while experienced employees earn more than Ksh200,000 per month.

Once employed by BAT, losing your job is difficult.

  • University government lecturers

It’s also almost impossible for a government lecturer to lose a job. The moment you are given appointment letter, you’ll do your job until retirement age. Lecturers are among Kenyan employees holding the most stable jobs.

Lecturers with PhD qualification earn more than Ksh150,000 while those with Masters pocket above Ksh 80,000 per month.

  • United Nations Staff

United Nation’s salaries are humongous. A graduate can earn as high as Ksh600,000 per month. Furthermore, they don’t pay tax. Though UN employees are employed on contract basis, their salaries earned within the contract period can sustain them for decades. A recommendation from UN will also open several doors.

  • Any other permanent government job

Any government job that’s deemed permanent is also stable. If you are one that fears losing a job, seek government opportunities.

  • US Embassy jobs

Another place you should look for employment is US Embassy. Employers are given contracts which are renewable, they are also renumerated well. A clerk at UN Embassy earns more than Ksh 160,000. It’s not easy for someone to lose a job at the US Embassy in Kenya.