Most Visited Blogs in Ghana 2020


Every month, over 1,000 blogs are created in Ghana but majority of them end up not getting enough traffic to enable them get listed among the most visited blogs in the country. However, there are a few blogs that attract millions of visitors every month. News and entertainment blogs dominate this list, which is why every new blogger aspire to own a blog that covers news content and gossip content.

The most visited blog in Ghana is Ghana Web which receives 80 million monthly visitors, it’s ranked 3rd most visited blog in the country after Google and YouTube. The second one is GH Gossip which attracts slightly over 15 million monthly visitors.

Below is the full list of the most visited blogs in Ghana 2020:

Ghana Web—80 million monthly visitors

Ghana Web link:

  • Citi Newsroom—15 million monthly visitors

Website link;

  • GH Gossip—15 million monthly visitors

Ghana Gossip website link:

  • Celebrities Buzz—15 million monthly visitors

Website link:

  • Modern Ghana—14 million monthly visitors

Website link:

  • Ghana Celebrities—12 million monthly visitors

Website link:

  • Pulse Ghana—12 million monthly visitors

Website link:

  • GH Base—7 million monthly visitors

Website link:

  • My News Ghana—5 million monthly visitors

Website link:

Most of these tops sites use various techniques to get millions of traffic. Sharing on social media is the most common technique. With over 1 million followers, a blog is assured of getting 1 million visitors from Facebook per month.

Other blogs use long-tail keywords which rank on page one of Google. They use a tool by then name SEMrush to search for the most popular articles in Ghana. If you also wish to use the tool, click on this link to sign up for free
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