My Experience with Liquidweb dedicated server Hosting


I am writing this to express my opinion and reveal my experience of hosting my WordPress site with Liquidweb dedicated servers.

In 2015,I had just started blogging. I really wanted to make my website among the best in the world. At that time I wasn’t aware about SEO and hosting plans-I was just churning stories for people to read, not minding about the SEO.

The first challenge came after my website started receiving more readers. The company that was hosting my website suspended my site, indicating that it was consuming over 90% of the server resources. I questioned why they could not inform me before they suspended my site. They replied, “I think we are clear, that your site is consuming too many resources, we either suspend it completely or you upgrade to a dedicated server”.I felt pain I can’t explain after seeing the tone this individual was answering me with.

The following morning I started searching for the best company to host my WordPress site. After reading several blogs, I was convinced Liquidweb was the most ideal for my traffic. I was keen not to repeat the mistake I had made before.

I contacted Liquidweb and they advised me to buy Cloud VPS plan.I took their advice.

The plan was costing $59 per month and had the following features:

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU
  • 40 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 10 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Linux Only

The reason why I was specific is that I wanted to test whether this plan could sustain my traffic, which had reached 8,000 per day. I also wanted to make a final decision on whether to be a permanent customer of Liquidweb or I simply look for another hosting company, but what excited me about Liquidweb was their customer service…it was amazing.

One year into joining Liquidweb,I was satisfied I had found a home. I even started inviting other bloggers to the company, who were also experiencing hosting issues.

One thing many hosting companies won’t tell you is that shared hosting is not the best in regards to SEO –they simply take your money and wait for you to start complaining, then they tell you to upgrade to a dedicated server. By the time they inform you about the cons of shared hosting, your blog had been greatly affected in terms of SEO.Remember,any time readers fail to access your site, they move to the next available site that contain content that is same as yours, this  will impact your SEO ranking negatively

I have been at Liquidweb,I first started with $59 per month and later upgraded my hosting plan to $219/mo.Since then,I am healthier due to lack of stress emanating from poor hosting services.I have seen my site grow from 8,000 daily visitors to over 10,000 per day.I particularly like the way they address my issues,they are very prompt.

For those who have been experiencing issues with web hosting, I would encourage you to join Liquidweb .You can see their hosting plans here(Click here to access the website)