How I Used SEMrush SEO Tool To increase my Blog Traffic from 1,000 to 10,000 per day


How I Used SEMrush SEO Tool To increase my Blog Traffic from 1,000 to 10,000 per day

SEMrush tool is one that I have used for my blog for three years. It’s this tool that has helped my blog gain traffic that I would otherwise dream of if I didn’t take the risk of signing up to the SEO tool.

Three years ago I had the passion to grow my blog to become one of the most popular blogs on the internet. I registered by blog at Bluehost and hosted it at Liquidweb.After I did so, I thought my work was to post articles and wait for people to come for the information, little did I know that SEO is one of the things that a blog must consider for it to grow in terms of readers and Google ranking.

In one month after launching my blog, I wrote about 100 articles. I was hoping that since I was a good writer, readers will come running. Every morning I would wake up to count how many people have read my articles. I would get only two or sometimes none.

The fact that none of my articles had caught the attention of many readers, I started doubting my writing skills. It reached a moment I decided to quit and concentrate on other things but one thought came into my mind,”what if I ask one of the most famous bloggers how they manage to make their blogs popular?” The following morning, I contacted a popular blogger on Facebook, who told me one secret, that for a new blog to grow, it must have good SEO ranking. He suggested I use SEMrush

Checking on the internet, I realized the tool had excellent reviews. One of the things that caught my eyes was the fact that SEMrush was able to spy on popular blogs and provide information to me.I felt encouraged because I thought keywords were important for SEO ranking and since I had information about trending keywords for rival blogs, could use them to write viral articles.

The following week,I signed up to the tool through this link(SEMrush link).At first I thought the price was a bit high but I was convinced that after having one month trial, I will love their services and eventually sign up for the premium plan. I signed up for the free trial (you can also sign up here)

A month into signing up to the SEMrush SEO tool,my blog traffic grew from 100 per day to 5,000.I felt impressed and put more effort.I ensured I wrote as many articles as possible where each article focused on the keyword suggestions by the SEMrush tool. After three months my blog ended up becoming among the top 50 blogs in my country. This made my AdSense revenue increase from $2 per day to over $30 in a single day. This was actually the first time I felt that the $99.90 I was paying monthly was paying off.I came to realize that for one to make more money, he must be ready to spend.I have decided to subscribe for SEMrush until that time I feel I am there,but I don’t think I will stop using the tool since it has helped me a lot.

For those who have blogs and would like to appear on the first page of Google,SEMrush is the best tool to use.You can sign up for free and start enjoying its services(sign up link)