Mzumbe University Undergraduate Fees Structure



Mzumbe University is one of the most popular universities in Tanzania.Most students prefer the university because of the low fees structure,world class facilities and qualified lecturers

If you intend to join Mzumbe University, below is the fees structure for undergraduate courses.

Bachelor Degree Programmes Fee Payable to the University

Item Description Amount in Tshs.
Tuition per year (including registration, tuition, examination, and library 1,300,000
Campus Accommodation Fees per bed per year [Tshs. 500 per bed per 119,000
Non-refundable medical fee per year 75,000
Total 1,494,000
Direct Student Costs (Tshs)
Meals Application Student Books per Field (Tshs. Total
(Tshs. Fee Union Fee year 10,000 per day)
5,000 per
1,190,000 20,000 10,000 200,000 1,190,000 2,610,000

Caution money: Tshs. 50,000, payable prior to registration in the first year.


1.An academic year has two semesters each lasts for 119 days. The fees payable to the University are for the period of the two semesters;

2.Fees may be paid in two equal installments, an installment being due at the beginning of each semester prior to registration;

3.Fees once paid are not refundable;

4.Fees do not include incidental expenses such as, transport;

5.The University reserves the right to change fees at any time;

6.Direct student fees have been benchmarked against Government rates, but sponsors may vary them according to their policies;

7.Accommodation charges are Tshs 119,000/= per annum per bed for undergraduates;

8.Except for certificate programme, usually students go on field for the whole first semester of the final year of their studies; and Caution money is refundable, after clearance, upon completion of the studies

9.Caution money is refundable, after clearance, upon completion of the studies

10.Medical Fee is payable as follows: Tshs 62,700/= in the First Semester prior to registration and Tshs 12,300/= in the Second Semester prior to registration.