Netherlands Front Office Manager Salary



Front Office Manager Salaries in the Netherlands differ with academic qualifications and years of experience. The average salary is €3,000 per month while the highest paid manager earns €6,500 per month.

To be a Front Office Manager, you have to pursue a degree in Front Office, Customer Care, Business Administration, HR or any other related degree program.Alternatively,you can pursue a diploma in front office or customer care.

Those with undergraduate degree earn more than the ones with diploma or certificate qualification. With a degree course, the manager can pocket upwards of €3k while those at diploma level pocket even less than €2k per month. Certificate holders pocket the least amount of money, which range between €700- €2k

To earn more money a Front Office Manager, you have to stay in the industry for long, accumulate more than three years’ experience and supplement your degree with a professional qualification. You also have to be proficient in IT and computer application.

Another aspect that you need to know is that not all sectors pay well. While telecommunication and oil sectors earn pay better those in education and agriculture pay the least.