Is Real Estate Management Degree Program Popular in South Africa?



We can confidently say that Real Estate Management degree program is among the most popular programs in South Africa,and even the whole world.

Real Estate sector is growing tremendously and people are embracing mortgage services and real estate management from professionals .A course in real estate or related courses is very popular and some of the companies who need services from these professionals include top real estate companies, banks, insurance companies and government institutions.

One of the reasons why we decided to dwell on this issue is a question raised by one of our readers, who asked:

“I am a student at Witwatersrand University and I am pursuing a degree in real estate management. I want to know whether this course will guarantee me a job and attractive salary”

In regards to salary, the average pay of a real estate professional in South Africa is R25,000 per month. But remember this salary does not include the highest paid professionals in the industry. Statistics show that some real estate professionals earn upwards of R70,000 per month.