Real Estate Management jobs and  Salaries in Kenya



Real Estate Management is one of the best degree courses to study in Kenya. There are several companies that employ these graduates and actually offer them very good salaries.

We have established that the average starting salary for real estate management professionals in Kenya is Ksh 65,000-Ksh120, 000.But this is only during for fresh graduates. If you manage to be in the industry for 3 years, your average salary must be above Ksh150,000 while those who have stayed for at least 5 years earn over Ksh200,000

Some of the best companies to work for include Centum Investment Kenya,UAP insurance,Britam,Cytonn Investment,Hass Consult,Suraya Properties and Old Mutual.

The best universities to study real estate management course in Kenya include University of Nairobi and JKUAT.