Safest bets on Football


There are bets you will place and be 100% sure of winning. That is what we term as safe bet. There are also other bets with very high chances of losing, like correct score bets.

In football betting, here are the safest bets:

Win bet with home team having less than 1.10 odds

If a home team has less than 1.10 odds, there over 99% chances of winning the bet. Usually, such a bet has away team with over 30 odds.

Even if you bet with $1000, you will be 99.99% sure of winning.

Bet with cash out

When you are assured that there is cash out, you’ll be sure of making money. You don’t wait until all matches are played for you to earn money. Some betting sites have options of cash out, one of them is Betway.To join the site and get the benefits,click on this link and visit Betway

First deposit bonus bet

A bet with first deposit is also a safe bet. If you deposit $200 and get $200 welcome bonus, you will select a match with less than 1.10 odds and make money.

1XBET is one of the betting sites with highest welcome bonus. To register and get the bonus,click on this link and visit their site

Over 1.5 goals

Another safe bet is over 1.5 goals. If the option of over 1.5 goals has less than 1.20 odds,that’s a safe bet.It’s hard to lose that bet.

Double chance

Double chance bet with less than 1.20 odds is safe.You have very slim chances of losing such a bet.

Under 4.5 goals

Normally, over 99% of under 4.5 goals win especially for the low scoring matches.

Before placing a bet,check the history of those two teams,if the total goals have not exceeded 5,then your bet of under 4.5 goals is likely to win.

Draw no bet

Draw no bet means that one team will win a match. In case there is a draw, you are refunded your money.