Salaries of Electrical Engineers in Dubai/UAE



Electrical Engineers are among the highest paid professionals in Dubai. The salaries of these professionals are estimated at AED 8,500 per month, which rise significantly with experience. This means that in a single year and electrical engineer earns more than AED 90,000.

We break down salaries of these individuals based on accumulated professional experience

Electrical Engineer  Intern 3,500
Electrical Engineer Management Trainee 3,500-4,500
Electrical Engineer 1 year experience 4,500
Electrical Engineer 3 Years’ Experience 5,500-7,000
Senior Electrical Engineer 5-7 Years Exp 7,000-10,000
Manager 12,000-20,000


The salaries are distributed based on the number of years an engineer has provided services.

The highest paying sectors include oil &gas, real estate and telecommunication.

One secret of earning modest salary is to stick to a company for more than 3 years. By doing this the management will put trust in you and allow you to negotiate your salary upwards.

Another thing you should note is that locals earn more than foreigners, unless foreigners are from prestigious universities like MIT, Oxford, Harvard and Michigan. The worst paid are Africans and Indians, who always provide cheap labour in all sectors because of poor bargaining power