Jobs you can get with Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (ESECE) in Eritrea


In Eritrea,there are several job opportunities for people who possess Secondary Education Certificate Examinations (ESECE),though most employers prefer diploma and degree qualifications.

At every stage, you have a chance of securing a job though the pay for ESECE is slightly less than what diploma and degree holders earn.

If you are planning to seek for employment with ESECE, here are job opportunities for you

Office Messenger

Office Secretary



Shop Attendant

House Help

Security Officer

Day Care teacher

Sales and Marketing officer


Shoe Shiner


Morgue attendant

Police Officer

Construction worker

Computer Repair Technician

To be a driver, you only need a driving license, which can be acquired within 2 weeks. Office messengers too are not required to possess more than a diploma, in fact, with a secondary school certificate you can be a secretary in any office in Eritrea.

Sales and marketing is a job which requires talent as opposed to so many degrees. Your works as a sales executive is to push products to clients, and if you manage to do so, there is no need of proving your competency through academic papers.

If you have a secondary school certificate, you can also seek opportunity as a day care teacher in Eritrea. This job is not for the diploma holders alone because what you are required to do is know how to handle children.

Construction workers, especially those who do the donkey work are individuals who did not go far as far as education is concerned. If you possess ESECE, you can easily secure this position.