Salaries for Professionals in Kuwait:This is What Employees in Kuwait Earn



There are over 300 careers in Kuwait, which pay different salaries usually dependent on the field of study and accumulated practical experience. In this country, these are the salaries paid to various professionals.

Profession/Career Monthly Average Salary (KWD)
Airline Pilot 1,900
Medical Doctor 1,450
Architecture 1,200
Oil and Gas engineer 1,700
Engineer 1,300
Lawyer 1,250
Environmental Expert 1,050
University Professor 1,380
Financial Analyst 1,400
Software Engineer 1,800
Actuary 1,590
Human Resources Executive 900
Journalist 850
Real Estate Manager 1,100
Auditor 990
Accountant 900
Bank Cashier 800
Nurse 450
Sales Executive 270
Flight Attendant 350
Bus Driver 210
Secretary/Receptionist 200
Customer Care 250
Teacher 280
Data Analyst 400
Fire Fighter 350
Security Officer 180


In Kuwait salaries for professionals are not the same, there are careers which pay more than others and obvious few people pursue them. The highest paying career in Kuwait is piloting which, pays average mostly salary in excess of 1,800 KWD.It is closely followed by medicine, software engineers, oil and gas engineers and law respectively.

These careers are tough and takes an individual a lot of time to complete the studies. They are also involving, especially piloting.

One of the pilots describes the course work as hell and his duties as “amazing”. Here is the pilot’s story.

“I was selected to pursue piloting at a UK university. Initially I thought it could be fun until I started schooling when I realized it was not a walk in the park. It took me 5 good years to complete school work and another two years of internship. Though school work was hell, my work since I was employed has been amazing-I earn KWD 1,500 per month and I am expecting salary increment in the coming year”

Another career which is growing significantly is actuarial science. This course has attracted a number of students to universities abroad and in Kuwait, it’s now one of the best paying careers in this country. A fresh graduate with professional certification takes home at least KWD 1,2000 while an experienced one takes home at least KWD 1,700.The best places to work as an actuary is, actuarial firms,insurance,audit companies ,pension companies, stock market and investment banks.

Oil and gas engineering is also another “must do” course in Kuwait. This career will definitely earn you over KWD 1,500 per month especially if you secure employment in the oil industry.

Finally, you should put your thoughts in Law…this is one well-paying course.