MBA Salaries in USA



Master of Business Administration is one of the highest paying master courses in USA and ranked among the fastest growing careers in the world. The salaries of MBA graduates in America vary according to the field of work and accumulated years of experience…the more you work the higher the pay.

In recent past, most companies have preferred graduates with MBA qualification, especially those with specialization in strategic management or finance. These individuals are believed to be in possession of skills necessary to make sound decisions to propel the companies into great heights. As the search for better talents in this field continue, attractive salaries are also attached to positions they hold.

Currently, these are the salaries MBA graduates earn in USA

Banking 110,000
Insurance 107,000
Real Estate 120,000
IT 109,000
Health 95,000
Manufacturing 99,100
Media 89,000
Telecom 143,000
Mining 200,000
HR Services 88,000
Transport 85,000
Hospitality 80,000


Having indicated annual salary for MBA professionals in various sectors, you will clearly see the gap between those working in Hospitality and those in the mining industry. The former earn less than $81,000 per year while the latter pocket over $200,000 per year.What does this mean? That salaries depend on the sector that employs you. You know very well that mining and real estate sectors are huge, there is a lot of money in circulation in these two sectors, which explains why MBA graduates in these sectors are smiling all the way to the bank.

Now, if you want to earn over $10,000 per month, these are universities you should pursue your MBA

Harvard University 130,000
University of Pennsylvania 125,000
MIT 122,000
University of Chicago 115,000
Northwestern University 112,000
Dartmouth College 110,000
University of California, Berkeley 110,000
Duke University 110,000
University of Michigan 108,000
Columbia University 108,000
University of Virginia 107,000
Carnegie Mellon University 105,000
University of California, Los Angeles 105,000
University of Southern California 102,000
Emory University 100,000
Cornell University 100,000
University of North Carolina 100,000
University of Texas, Austin 100,000
New York University 100,000
Yale University 100,000
University of Notre Dame 100,000
Indiana University 99,000
University of Minnesota 98,000
Rice University 96,000
Brigham Young University 95,000
Georgia Institute of Technology 94,000


You can tell from the above list that universities ranked among top 100 best universities in the world produce the best MBA graduates, who end up earning at le least $100,000 per year. This tells you that employers are always keen on who to give the job because they believe students from the best universities perform better than half-baked students from less popular universities.

The most popular MBA specializations in USA include Strategic Management, Finance and Accounting.

A fresh MBA graduate from American universities earns starting annual salary of $60,000,which grows significantly after 3 years of experience.

The highest paid MBA graduates are those who possess CFA in addition to MBA