Salaries of Teachers in Liberia



Teachers in Liberia are among the lowest paid professionals. Though the salaries are commensurate with qualifications, government teachers still feel there is need for more pay.

Latest statistics say that the average salary of a teacher in Liberia is US$ 200, which is too little for an educated person.

The salary of teachers range between US$140 to US$500 per month depending on their level of education. The lowest paid teachers, certificate holders, earn between US$100-US$ 140 while B certificate holders pocket US$ 180-US$ 200.

The highest paid teachers, those with a relevant degree in teaching, earn US$250-US$ 350 per month

It is important to note that in order to earn more in Liberia, you have to increase your level of education to a minimum of a degree, otherwise, as a teacher you will not go home with more than US $250 per month.

When it comes to salary increment and transport allowance. These two are not something the government is keen on increasing regularly because of financial constraints.