What is the Salary of Accountant In Nigeria



Accountants in Nigeria are paid according to their level of experience and the industry their work for. The salaries for these professionals are, however, higher than that of teachers and professionals in the agriculture industry.

The average monthly salary of an accountant in Nigeria is NRN 50,000.Accountants who work in the oil industry and international organizations earn more than those working in banks and insurance sectors. In the oil industry, the average salary of an accountant is NRN 70,000 per month while those working in banks earn average salary of NRN 40,000.

The highest paid Accountant in Nigeria earns NRN 5, 000, 000, which is more than 50 times what the lowest paid accountant takes home.

In order to be paid more money in any sector you should enroll for certificate courses in CFA, CFE or CFA which are highly marketable in all sectors of economy. This is advantageous because you will separate yourself from the common accountants who only possess university degree.You also need to accumulate some experience,usually more than three years of professional experience,so that you can have bargaining power.

Usually,fresh graduates earn less than NRN 20,000 per month because they don’t possess any professionals experience but when they stay in the industry for some time,chances of earning more than NRN 50,000 are very high.