Salaries of Bank Tellers in Kenya



Bank tellers are among employees in Kenyan banks that are overworked. Their salaries, however, don’t match the work they perform. Latest statistics show that the average salary of a bank teller in Kenya is Ksh 65,000.This average is between the experienced and new tellers.

Below are salaries of tellers in Kenya banks

KCB Ksh 45,000-Ksh 65,000

Cooperative Bank Ksh 68,000-Ksh 100,000

NIC bank Ksh 55,000-Ksh 80,000

Equity Bank Ksh 40,000-Ksh 60,000

Standard Chartered Bank Ksh 60,000-Ksh 80,000

Bank of Africa Ksh 45,000-Ksh 70,000

Credit Bank Ksh 40,000-Ksh 60,000

CBA Ksh 65,000-Ksh 100,000

CFC Stanbic Ksh 70,000-Ksh 100,000

Citibank Ksh 80,000-Ksh 120,000

Bank of Baroda Ksh 50,000-Ksh 80,000

Bank of India Ksh 45,000-Ksh 70,000

I&M Bank Ksh 55,000-Ksh 70,000

The salaries quoted above starts from what new tellers are paid and what most tellers are paid in respective banks.

The best paying banks in Kenya include CFC stanbic, CBA, Citibank, cooperative Bank and NIC bank. While the lowest paying include KCB and Equity Bank.

Generally, banks pay higher than manufacturing firms but lower than most insurance companies.

The advantage of working in a bank includes getting cheap loans and the fact that you could earn bonuses at the end of each year.

A bank teller is employed to perform general duties within a bank,implying that you can handle cash as well as work in the back office.Telling is one of the most hated sections in any bank because it involves getting contact with customers as well as handling cash,which is very hectic