Salary of Diploma Holder in UAE



The salary of a diploma holder in UAE can be slightly less than what a degree holder takes home, but in some cases diploma holders earn more than degree graduates.

There are many factors that contribute to one’s salary, they include:

Length of your stay at a specific company

Job title

If you are a senior manager in accompany, you are likely to earn more than your junior degree holders .In most cases, a diploma holder, who is also a manager earns at least AED 7,000 while a degree holder at the same company can take as little as AED 4,000.

Type of diploma

Some diploma courses pay more than other degree courses. For instance, a diploma in law, real estate management, nursing, pharmacy, piloting and engineering is likely to pay higher than a diploma in education or front office.

Sector you are working for

Some sectors pay better than others; If you work for oil industry or banking sector, you are likely to earn more than someone who works in the education industry.

Having looked at those important factors, let’s now break down salary estimates of diploma courses in UAE

Diploma Course Average Salary Estimates (AED)
Front Office 3,200
Accounting 3,920
Nursing 4,200
Sales & Marketing 3,650
HR 4,100
Journalism & Mass Communication 4,300
Electrical Engineering 5,000
Civil Engineering 6,100
Education 3,100
Agriculture 4,100
Tourism 3,900