Shocking Facts about novel Coronavirus


Here are shocking facts about coronavirus you should know:

  1. There is no Reason to believe that Cold Weather can kill the new Corona Virus
  2. There is no Evidence that using Mouthwash will Protect you from Infection with new CoronaVirus
  3. There is no Evidence that Rinsing the nose with Saline has protected people from Infection with new Corona Virus
  4. There is no Evidence from the current Outbreak that eating Garlic has protected people from new Corona Virus
  5. Breathing in the Smoke and Gas from Firework or Firecracker is Dangerous and doesn’t kill the new Corona Virus
  6. Seasam Oil doesn’t kill the new Corona Virus
  7. Vaccine against Pneumonia Such as Pneumococcal and Heamophilus Influenza type-b Vaccine do not provide Protection against new Corona Virus
  8. Antibiotics do not work against New Corona Virus
  9. People of all the ages Can be infected by the new Corona Virus
  10. There is no Evidence that Companion animals/ Pets Such as dogs or Cats Can be infected with new Corona Virus
  11. Drinking Alcohol doesn’t protect you from new Corona Virus.
  12. There has been no information nor Evidence to. suggest that New Corona Virus Could be transmitted by Mosquitoes.