Top 100 Richest YouTubers in the World 2023


YouTube is one of the best ways to earn money online.There are hundreds of thousands of people earning a good living by posting videos on YouTube.Here is a list of some of the world’s richest YouTubers in 2023.

1.        Jeffree Star Net Worth: $200 million

Jeffree Is an American musician, artist, internet celebrity, and entrepreneur from Orange county. Being the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ company, he has collaborated alongside many singers and make-up artists throughout his carer.

2.        Ryan Kaji Net Worth: $22-26 million

Ryan’s world is a children’s YouTube channel with over 28 million subscribers and has gathered more than 45 billion views.

3.        Rhett and Link Net Worth: $25 million

The American comedy duo is famous for hosting Good Mythical Morning’s YouTube series. They have amassed 17 million subscribers.

4.        Daniel Middleton Net Worth: $35 million

Daniel TDM played Counter-strike and Pokemon and has 29.3 million subscribers, 18.5 billion views.

5.        Dude Perfect Net Worth: $30 million

The former college roommates’ 2020 earnings were $23 million with 57.5 million subscribers and total views of 12. 7 billion. 

6.        PewDiePie Net Worth: $40 million

He has specialized in commentary on video games. He is among the most subscribed YouTube channel with 109 million subscribers and 27 billion views.

7.        Vanoss Gaming Net Worth: $25 million

He is a video commentator, music producer, and DJ with 26 million subscribers and 13.7 billion views.

8.        Anastasia Radzinskaya Net Worth: $18 million

She is a Russian YouTuber running several YouTube channels for children with the help of her parents.

9.        Preston Arsement Net Worth: $20 million

He is widely known for his gaming content, prank, and challenge videos such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and Among us.

10.    Logan Paul Net Worth: $19 million

With 28 million subscribers and over 6.3 billion views, Logan Paul was the most influential in 2015 on the vine.

11.    Markiplier Net Worth: $35 million

He is popular for his excessive playthroughs of video games which have raised him a tremendous amount of money for charity.

12.    James Charles Net Worth: $22 million

James Charles is living proof that male makeup experts don’t need drag queen make-up.

13.    Jake Paul Net Worth: $20 million 

Jake Paul is a famous YouTuber posting videos on Vine. He has total views of 6.9 billion with 22.4 million subscribers.

14.    Like Nastya Net Worth: $20 million

The unique thing about her is that with the help of her parents, they started a toy-unboxing channel which then transformed into reviewing products and services.

15.    Preston Net Worth: $20 million

Preston received $19 million as 2020 earnings but has been dominating YouTube for over ten years now.

16.    Blippi Net Worth: $16 million

He started his line of Blippi Toys and made digital downloads and DVDs on his website.

17.    Mr. Beast Net Worth: $16 million

Having enough experience, Mr. Beast is a philanthropist as well; he does challenger videos giving him over 90.5 million subscribers.

18.    KSI Net Worth: $15 million

KSI specializes in posting gaming commentary videos of FIFA. He has been earning consistent income from his uploads.

19.    Lilly Singh Net Worth: $20 million

Lilly Singh Vlogs is Superwoman Vlogs that has won Lilly a People’s Choice Award for Favourite YouTube star.

20.    Roman Atwood Net Worth: $14.5 million

RomanAtwoodVlogs is his main channel and is the second YouTuber to receive more than one Diamond Play Button.

21.    Liza Koshy Net Worth: $6 million

Liza Koshy’s celebrity status came from being an “internetainer” and has helped her ease her way into Hollywood.

22.    David Dobrik Net Worth: $20 million

Like other celebrities on Vine’s video-sharing platform, he found early success before starting a vlog channel.

23.    Fine Bros Entertainment Net Worth: $32 million

Brothers Benny and Rafi Fine are media entrepreneurs and content creators who founded FBE, and now they have more than 44 million subscribers.

24.    Rosanna Pansino Net Worth: $18 million

Nerdy Nummies is one of the most-watched cooking series on the platform and has made Rosanna be among the highest-paid female YouTubers.

25.    TrapNation Net Worth: $30 million

Andre Willem Benz is the founder of TrapNation, which has recently expanded to create other channels showcasing different music genres.

26.    Zalfie Net Worth: $12 million

Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg are famous YouTube power couples. Zoe has recently posted content about beauty and lifestyle, gaining over 10 million subscribers.

27.    Emma Chamberlain Net Worth: $8 million

Emma Chamberlain is known for her comedic presence, allowing her to relate with her audience hence earning the name “the funniest person on YouTube.”

28.    Nikkie Tutorials Net Worth: $6 million

She is a beauty vlogger and a make-up artist who gained popularity from her 2015 video “The Power of Makeup.”

29.    Amit Bhadana Net Worth: $5.4 million

Mr. Amit Bhadana is India’s Finest Funny Vide Video star.

30.    Lovely Peaches Net Worth: $ 5 million

She is a celebrated social media personality posting videos containing comedy vines and other things.

31.    Dynamo Gaming Net Worth: $ 3 million

Aaditya Sawant is one of the most significant gamers of India and the world and a well-known sniper in PUBG mobile.

32.    Flying Beast Net Worth: $ 5 million

Gaurav Taneja owns this YouTube channel and receives heavy income from the brand endorsement every month.

33.    Ashish Chanchlani Net Worth: $ 4 million

Ashish Chanchlani vines are known nationwide for their acting skills and exceptional comedy.

34.    Nikita Dragun Net Worth: $ 3 million

Nikita Dragun is a Belgian American who is a model, make-up artist queen, and social media personality.

35.    Sandeep Maheshwari Net Worth: $ 3 million

The Indian entrepreneur, mentor, icon, and motivational speaker are known for their seminars and videos.

36.    Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: $ 3.5 million

Being one of the highest-earning comedians, he also broke many records just entertaining people.

37.    Techno Gamerz Net Worth: $ 2 million

Earning millions of money every month, he plays and streams GTA5 along with other games on his YouTube channel.

38.    Harsh Beniwal Net Worth: $ 2.2 million

With the provision of unique YouTube content, the Indian YouTuber has gained a lot of followers due to his creativity.

39.    Ireland Boys Net Worth: $ 2 million

The Ireland brothers have become internet sensations, mostly recognized for their prank videos.

40.    DDG Net Worth: $ 2 million

Most Darryl Dwayne’s income is from various YouTube videos and music album sales.

41.    Triggered Insaan Net Worth: $ 2 million

He is one of the highest rank Indian YouTubers with a Nishchay known as Live Insaan and Triggered Insaan on social media and online.

  • Nikkie Tutorials Net Worth:

Her content involves makeup artistry and beauty vlogs.

  •    Troom Troom Net Worth: $ 21 million

This channel produces fun crafts, DIYs, recipes, prank videos and life hacks for its content. Its producer remains unknown, and the channel has about 14 million subscribers.

  • TheRichest Net Worth: $7.59

This YouTube channel explores the lifestyle of the rich and celebrities. The channel has over 16 million subscribers.

  • Unbox Therapy Net Worth:  $24 million

This is the most subscribed science and technology category channel is owned by Lewis George Hilsenteger. It has over 18 million subscribers and

  • Guava Juice Net Worth: $18 million

This channel features challenge vlog videos, experiments and DIYs. The content for this channel is age-friendly, and it boasts 15.4 million subscribers.

  • The Dobre Twins Net Worth: $26 million

These twin brothers are collectively known as The Dobbies. They have over 35 million subscribers. They produce videos, dance videos, vlogs and experiments as their content.

  • Elrubius OMG Net Worth: $11.1 million

This channel features gameplays and vlogs, and it belongs to Rubem Doblas Gundersen. It has over 40 million subscribers.

  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes Net Worth: $320 million

This YouTube kids creative channel features songs, nursery rhymes, poems, and games. It has a total of 90 million subscribers and billions of views.

  • The Ellen Show Net Worth: $370 million

The Ellen Degeneres show has 39 million subscribers, and it is a talk show running from November 2006.

  • Toys and Colors Net Worth: $83 million

This American YouTube channel features numerous kids songs while playing various games and toys. Today the channel has about 24 million subscribers.

  • Tom Cassell, Syndicate Net Worth: $6.5 million

Starting his YouTube channel in 2010 set him up for success. He has over 14 million subscribers for both of his media.

  • Marshmello Net Worth: $40 million

Christoper Comstock is known as Marshmello, and he is a music producer, DJ and artist. He uses a unique mask persona, and as of today, he has 54.5M subscribers.

  • Conor Maynard Net Worth: $8 million

Conor is an actor, singer and songwriter whose channel includes uploaded cover versions of many songs.

  • SSSniperWolf

With over 23 million subscribers, SSSniperWolf is well known for reaction and video games.

  • Technical Guruji Net Worth: $ 45 million

This tech Youtuber explains how concept and tech works. He currently has 18.3 million followers.

  • Coryxkenshin Net Worth: $ 15 million

This famous American Youtuber produces gaming content from sponsorship and ad revenues.

  • TimTheTatman Net Worth: $ 10 million

Timothy John Betar channels is a famous streaming channel and are extensively known for his social works.

  • Mo Vlogs Net Worth: $ 8 million

This channel by Mohamed Beiraghdary focuses on supercars and Dubai’s luxury lifestyle. He has 12 million subscribers.

  • Noah Beck Net Worth: $ 5 million

Noah owns a Fashion and Fitness channel to influence other young people on social media.

  • Vivek Bindra Net Worth: $ 6.5 million

This channel features motivational speeches and business management coaching.

  • CJ so Cool Net Worth: $ 6 million

The content for this channel includes pranks, viral videos, vlogs and try not to laugh challenge. He has 8.8 million subscribers.

  • Hi-5 Studios Net Worth: $ 14 million

This channel produces family-friendly content for all ages. Also, it has several channels and millions of views.

  • CollegeHumor Net Worth: $ 10 million

The content for this channel is humorous and entertaining. It has approximately 13.4 million subscribers.

  • Smosh Net Worth: $ 15 million

It started from a sketch comedy channel, and it has 25 million subscribers and 10 billion views.

  • LaurDiy Net Worth: $ 3 million

Lauren Riihimaki produces DIY content and has over 8 million subscribers to her channel.

  • Mark Wiens Net Worth: $ 4.7 million

This is a travel, vlog-style channel with over 7 million subscribers.

  • Studio McGee Net Worth: $5

Studio McGee belongs to husband and wife, and it is an interior design company.

  • The Try Guys Net Worth: $6 million

These four friends produce fun-based content. They experiment and have released a book.

  • Babish Culinary Universe

The channel offers cooking recipes for its fans.

  • Bright Side Net Worth: $ 10.1 million

It started from a sketch comedy channel, and it has 25 million subscribers and 10 billion views.

  • Tasty Net Worth: $6.11 million

This channel shares food and recipes content. It is known for its trending videos.

  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon hosts The Tonight Show, and it has 24.9 million subscribers with about 11 billion views.

  • Collins and Devan Key Net Worth: $17.5 million

These two brothers produce comedy content, and they tremendously grew their channel with two years.

  • Nigahiga Net Worth: $ 10 million

The channel features a How to series, opinion videos, music videos and Q&As.

  • Lele Pons Net Worth: $ 3 million

Lele’s channel includes comedy sketches, a docuseries on her personal life. She is also an actor and has 17 million subscribers.

  • Narins Beauty Net Worth: $ 5 million

The Swedish based YouTuber and content creator has lots of fans. Also, she is a musician and a successful YouTuber.

  • Alex Warren Net Worth: $ 2.5 million

Alex is known for sharing amusing and exciting videos. His portfolio includes humour, comedy and funny films.

  • Jose Zuniga Net Worth: $ 8 million

The channel consists of the best men’s fashion advice. He sells stuff and gets income from paid ads.

  • Ellie Zeiler Net Worth: $ 100k

Her channel is known for lip-syncing videos, and she posts numerous videos of herself dancing.

  • Bradley Martyn Net Worth: $ 3 million

He has a fitness and style channel, and he is a bodybuilder.

  • Choe Ting Net Worth: $ 3 million

She is a YouTuber who specializes in fitness and lifestyle tips.

  • Noor Stars Net Worth: $ 5 million

Her channel features comedy, vlogs, beauty and lifestyle videos, among other content. Her channel has over 18 million subscribers.

  • Pamela Reif Net Worth: $ 4 million

The channel belongs to a German fitness model, and she has 8 million subscribers.

  • Fraser Wilson

He has a popular fitness channel, with each of his videos having millions of views.

  • Jesse James West Net Worth: $ 2 million

His channel produces fitness-related videos.

  • Tech Burner Net Worth: $ 2 million

Tech Burner features tech videos in his channel.

  • Michael Vazquez Net Worth: $ 3 million

His channel consists of fitness and dance content.

  • Harsh Beniwal Net Worth: $ 2 million

He is a comedy YouTuber and he has a sizable fan base.

  • Eva Andressa Net Worth: $ 1.5 million

Eva is a well-known name in the fitness industry. She is a fitness trainer, bodybuilder and influencer.

  • Chris Heira Net Worth: $ 8 million

Chris is a callisthenics coach and he is among the people who introduced callisthenics to Florida.

  • Slay Point Wiki, Net Worth: $ 6.5 million

They produce comedy content and their channel is only five years old.

  • Brooke Ence Net Worth: $ 3.5 million

Brooke’s channel features fitness and training content with a huge fan base.

  • Natacha Oceane Net Worth: $ 3 million

Natacha is a fitness influencer, and her content is full of diet plans, nutrition recommendations and training regimens.

  • Lana Rose Net Worth: $ 6 million

She is famous for her entertainment content. Also, her curvy looks and cuteness have made her popular.

  • Mountain Trekker Net Worth: $ 2 million

His channel features extreme travel, stories and experiences of his adventures.

  • Beyounick Net Worth: $ 3.5 million

This Indian YouTuber is famous for his humour content.

  • Jeff Cavaliere Net Worth: $ 8 million

Jeff is a celebrity trainer, physical therapist, personal coach and fitness coach expert.

  • Lillian Ketchman Net Worth: $ 1.5 million

This amazing youtube artist, model and entertainer have a lot to offer.

  1. Karrigan Taylor Net Worth: $ 650K

She owns a costume play channel on YouTube and is active on other social media accounts.

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