Top 50 Profitable Businesses in Kenya 2022


Starting a business can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a plan or a clear business idea. Conversely, there are numerous small businesses ideas you can implement and start making a living.

This article guide sheds light on 50 ideas that you can tap into to make your dreams a reality. Let’s get started!


Blogging is a lucrative business which can generate up to Ksh 2 million per month. The starting capital required is Ksh 5,000 to Ksh15, 000.To start a blog,first register your domain name then buy hosting space.You will get a Cpanel where to install WordPress. To get a free domain,click here to visit the best web hosting company

 Selling bottled water

Selling bottled water is another good business to start in Kenya. Towns like Nakuru, Mombasa and Kisumu are the best places to start this kind of business. With a capital of Ksh200,000,you are ready to go.If you set one in Nakuru,you’ll make not less than Ksh3,000 per day.

 Food joint

Food sale is among the best profitable business ideas. One thing for sure about starting a food joint is that you will always find a market because people usually eat several times a day while others find it hard to cook meals at home all the time. All you need is to be punctual with ready-to-eat food and have perfect food delivery services.

·                     Forex and Crypto trading services

It is one of the most demanded businesses in Kenya. The volatility of the crypto market has made it a money-making business. Traders take the opportunity to purchase coins when their prices dip then sell at a high profit as soon as they hike.

·                     Virtual reality game arcade

Investing your money in the digital entertainment world is another way to profit in the business sector. The VR game is a 3D world where people take a journey and interact with the game as though they are in it.

·                     Grocery store

People always need food supplies, and a grocery store is a primary source. There are many of them, but you are guaranteed a steady income as it is among the most reliable businesses in Kenya.

·                     Web design and other digital services

Having an online presence is among the most trending things in the world right now. It is a ripe market in Kenya as it is gaining its ground. You can major in web design services, social media management, digital marketing, or search engine optimization in this field.

·                     Real estate brokering

Brokering in the real estate industry is a great way to enter a profit-making business with limited capital. It involves signing a purchase agreement with the seller for a fixed amount and finding a buyer for the identified undervalue properties of sale willing to purchase them at a higher price keeping the profit margin.

·                     Online consulting business

With a pool of consulting services to offer, you can gain a lot of profit, just like career counseling. You have to expand your knowledge in meaningful ways and win the trust of your clients with excellent and brilliant ideas.

·                     Courier services

Courier services make it easy for busy people to send parcels from one location to another. This business field needs you to focus on one area; then, with real experience and business growth, you can now expand to other locations.

·                     Nail Parlor

Ladies always love to look fantastic, and the best way to achieve that is by getting their nails done by a specialist. This makes a nail parlor a top profit-making business to venture into as you can achieve high returns quickly.

·                     Car Wash

Vehicles everywhere in the country need to be washed whether dry or rainy. Their increase in number makes it a profitable business. You need enough space to support several cars, access to water and a car washing machine.

·                     Second-hand clothes store

The low and middle-income Kenyans make up a huge market segment; hence, they usually go for affordable clothes. Setting such a business in a good location will secure you a thriving business with a good profit margin.

·                     Fruit Vending

Across the globe, people are becoming health-conscious, therefore, consuming more fruits. In Kenya, selling fruits is a good business as people love fruits, especially the juicy ones like pineapples, mangoes and oranges. The market for fruits is very demanding.

·                     Electric Shop

The demand for electrical supplies is very high in today’s world as they are needed in every area. Offices, homes, manufacturing plants and many more facilities use electrical items regularly. Starting a business that sells these electrical items improves your chances of success.

·                     Furniture store

The design industry has dramatically improved in that today’s furniture-making stores are creating breathtaking new household things like beds, tables and chairs. Therefore, many people moving into new homes need new beautiful and high-quality furniture to match their themes.

·                     Photo studio

The photography business is in high demand in Kenya, with many events like graduations, birthdays, baby showers, and weddings. Venturing into this business requires passion and skills to set you aside from other shooters. It is a profitable venture indeed.

·                     Customer care services

Many businesses are looking to outsource their operations, and running a call center or customer care can be profitable, especially in remote areas.

·                     Pharmacy

We as humans sometimes get sick due to the weakening of the immune system, and availed with the nearest facility to buy medicine is essential. Setting up this business is always a brilliant idea; meet all the requirements and ensure the company is licensed.

·                     Bakery

Baked goods like cakes, bread, biscuits, scones and cookies usually move quickly and are very popular in many homes. Though not every day, families depend on baked foods, especially for breakfast or snacks, your skills will determine your success.

·                     Boutique

Selling fabrics, clothes, and accessories is another profitable business to venture into. When you stock up, remember that women’s clothes are in demand more than men’s. Read your market gap wisely, and you will celebrate joyfully.

·                     Photocopy and printing services

The digital era has not entirely wiped papers, and there are many people still needing printing and photocopy services. Professionals and students are the primary targets for this kind of market.

·                     Mobile massage services

Not so many people like going to spars because of hygiene concerns. Therefore, making profits is easy if you can be booked via a website or an app to provide massage services right at the client’s house.

·                     Shoe selling business

This field of business will earn you lots of money if you set it up in a good location with high traffic for the shoes to move fast.

·                     Daycare

Childcare services will always be in high demand. Nowadays, people are busy with their jobs, and they can’t take the children to work, so the best thing to do is leave them at daycare.

·                     Gas refill

Most of today’s households have LPG gas as a requirement. In Kenya, gas prices have been increasing continuously and setting your LPG gas refill will earn you good profits.

·                     Mobile money agent

You will never lack customers if you decide to start this business, as almost all Kenyans use various money transfers, including M-Pesa, T-Kash, Airtel Money and Equitel.

·                     Freelance writing

Freelance writing is an easy and money-making space. Key requirements are a computer or laptop, internet connection, and your commitment. You can either opt for academic or article writing. This business can either be a part-time or full-time job.

·                     Cyber café

We’re in the digital era, and enabling people to access the internet can make you much money. Other services offered in a cyber café are printing, photocopying, and scanning. When you set up your cyber café in a good area with lots of students and working class, you can be making an average of Ksh. 1500 to Ksh. 4000.

·                     Poultry farming

Poultry farming involves rearing chickens, pigeons, geese, and other types of birds. If you have enough space, basic knowledge of poultry, and are business-minded, you can make huge profits. Setting up this business requires a low initial cost and you can start with broilers and layers.

·                     Start a travel agency

If you love traveling and are good at planning, starting a travel agency can be your ideal business. Do your market research to identify your audience and incorporate branding and online marketing to attract as many travelers as possible.

·                     Advertising agency

Marketing is essential for any business, and starting an advertising agency will help other companies create campaigns. Be different and focus on the smaller businesses and startups that are neglected most of the time.

·                     Catering services

Do you love cooking and you want to make money? Catering doesn’t require much capital to start. It is profitable and requires no location. You can run it from your home and avoid costs like rent. You can get your equipment from the local Jua Kali artisans.

·                     Airbnb rental arbitrage

This business involves leasing a house, furnishing it, and subleasing it to guests on various platforms such as Airbnb. It is a profitable business, especially for the youth and it is profitable compared to traditional rental practices. Rental arbitrage allows you to have rental properties without owning them, it is less expensive and you can profit.

·                     Event planning company

Event planning provides an untapped market that is worth exploring. Birthdays, religious events and weddings occur regularly and when you master the skill of planning, it will contribute to your overall success. To succeed, you need to be talented because it involves stress and energy.

·                     Dropshipping

This type of retail business involves sellers advertising products they don’t own. After receiving an order, they purchase the product and ship it to their customers.

·                     Movie and music store

Music and movie shops have always had a market because movie enthusiasts don’t have the comfort of downloading new music and movies. The initial cost of starting a movie shop is low since all you need is a laptop, a store with electricity and the internet to download these movies.

·                     Soap making

Soaps have numerous uses and they are manufactured from chemical products that can be easily obtained in the market. Soaps have a huge market and tapping into this lucrative business can greatly benefit you. All you need is a few weeks of training and you can start making soaps.

·                     Craft online courses

Unemployment is high in Kenya and more graduates are joining this lot every year. You can craft content and package it as courses in your website or blog using your expertise. People are always eager to learn a new skill and they will be willing to pay any amount to get it.

·                     Video game lounge

Gaming is a great pastime activity and if you live in an area with youth near campuses, then it is worth trying. The youth will provide you with the needed traffic and to start with you may begin with a second-hand system or two-station gaming lounge.

·                     Appliance repairing

Whether it is mobile phones or computers repairs you can tap into this business and make good money.

·                     E-book writing

Do you love writing? You can learn the technique of making an e-book and start selling the E-books from your blog, Amazon or website.

·                     Start a driving school

Driving schools are always in demand from anxious teens and adults who want to drive. By teaching people to drive, you can make good money from it.

·                     Collecting garbage

Garbage collection is not for the faint-hearted and very few people are doing this work which makes it lucrative. Walk around households and offer to dispose of their garbage at an affordable fee, making you earn high profits.

·                     Start an E-commerce shop

Ecommerce businesses have been on the rise since most businesses sell their products online. Selling your products online won’t take you long before you start earning profit. Good examples of ecommerce shops that you can sell your products at are Kilimall and Jumia.

·                     Laundry business

Most Kenyans spend the better part of their day at their jobs and they have no time for doing laundry. You require a washing machine, pressing iron and a few other items, after which you are good to start.

·                     Mushroom farming

Before starting, a little bit of training is imperative. To learn about the substrates for growing mushrooms, the marketing aspect and the optimal conditions to growing the fungus. Mushrooms have a high demand and a few places you can start selling them are supermarkets and hotels. This business is not for the faint hearted and a little patience will go a long way.

·                     Stationery supply

Stationery has a high demand in rural areas because they have a good market for printing papers, books, revision papers, pens, among other resources. Stationery supply involves outsourcing resources from urban centers at lower prices and delivering them at a profit. Good marketing and a means of transportation are key in this business.

·                     Sell niche and trendy products

Examples of niche and trendy products are VR headsets, drones, workout supplements, and dash cams. There are great marketplaces to sell these products, such as Kilimall, Pigiame and Jumia.

·                     Professional cleaning business

With different types of cleaning equipment and a small team, you can tap into the cleaning business. It is an ever-green business that is usually contracted to third-party companies. Restaurants, commercial buildings, hotels always need professional cleaning services.


There are tons of business ideas that you can start with any capital you have. Before starting any business, you should do your little research and implement your idea. It’s a free world and the choice is yours. Choose wisely and get started with your business idea.

I hope this guide has been helpful—all the best in your business endeavors.