Highest paying Online Jobs in the USA


Which are the highest paying online jobs in USA? The corporate world is considered stressful and with low pay. The government’s imposition of lockdown enhanced people’s desires to be their own boss. With online jobs, people earn income and spend time with family members. Notably, people should choose online jobs which are convenient and of high pay. Different online jobs require a particular set of skills and prior working experience. Monetary investment and upfront time are an added advantage to individuals seeking to generate more money from online jobs. The following article highlights the 20 highest online jobs that provide more than $20 per hour to U.S workers.

1. Online Proofreading                                                                                          

Online proofreading jobs provide workers with more than $20 per hour. There are increased companies in the U.S that employ individuals to proofread letters and tasks. One should have the skills to participate in proofreading jobs. For instance, most of the work requires mastery of English grammar to earn more income. Online proofreaders earn up to $50,000 per year, which reduces unemployment risks in the U.S. There is an increased demand for proofreading services since bloggers desire perception in their content. Online readers are very keen on the type of content and books they read. Those who use proofreading services get to have the best sale of their books, and bloggers increase internet followers, which generates tremendous income. Examples of companies that offer reasonable payment on online proofreaders are Cactus communication and American Journal Experts.

2. Online Bookkeeping

Online Bookkeeping is a lucrative job in the U.S. For instance, workers get to earn $80 per hour online, which improves their standard of living. However, there are no skills and academic qualifications to work as an online bookkeeper. The features that are of significance for an online bookkeeper are a caring spirit and an eye for detail. One of the companies that offer online bookkeeping services is Bookkeeper Launch. Online jobs in Bookkeeping are easy and with high payments, which has attracted the unemployed U.S population. Individuals who desire to increase earnings from online Bookkeeping should take bookkeeping courses offered for free on online platforms.

3. Online opinion-sharing

Online opinion-sharing revolves around conducting a survey and coming up with an analysis and conclusion. One gets to earn $75 per hour, and the more one works, the more the payments. The advantage of online opinion-sharing is that there is no experience required. The online tasks are undertaken with fewer efforts. For the individuals who love sharing opinions, the job offers higher payments with less pressure. The companies which provide Online opinion-sharing jobs include Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, Branded Surveys, and Swagbucks. Also, the companies offer more straightforward questions to online workers. Vindale Online Research company is among the best regarding payment terms for their workers.

4. Online teaching

Online teaching is rising with the Coronavirus pandemic, which has increased online learning among students. The majority of the teachers have taken a central role in offering online tutorials at a pay. Also, others have opted for online teaching companies such as Magic Eras and VIPKid, which provide high payments for online teachers. With online teaching, you get to earn $24 per hour, and this is a lucrative business when undertaken with passion. The kind of teaching that makes people money is like an English language tutorial. Before starting online teaching, the required devices are Skype, a pair of headsets, and a faster internet connection.

5. Online Date tracking

Companies such as Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel emerged as the top company dealing in online Data tracking. The company requires an individual to install a tracking application and receive payment in return. The company researches internet usage and provides online workers with incentives by keeping the application in their tablets, smartphones, and computers. The application is legit and lightweight, providing a more accessible and quicker startup. The Nielsen app can earn an online worker for up to $500 per month. In addition, with the job, you get to make $50 per hour.

6. Money-making Blog

Blogging is on the rise when it comes to making money online. The steps undertaken to create a blog are cheap, and once the process is complete, one stands a chance of earning a considerable income. The income for online blogs varies depending on followers and content. In addition, there are features such as ad placement, where one gets to earn depending on individuals and companies using the site to advertise products. Therefore, people should consider starting a blog in the U.S and select a particular topic to address to the audience.

In USA,you spend less than $90 to create a blog. Bluehost is the best web hosting provider for new bloggers, it offers cheap hosting services and free domain registration. If you wish to create a new blog,click here to visit Bluehost and register a domain for free

7. Online Virtual Assistant

Online virtual assistant jobs provide online users with legit money. The payments are lucrative depending on the time taken to handle a task. For instance, there are part-time or full-time virtual workers, and payments vary based on their work nature. There are several Virtual Assistance companies in the U.S seeking the services of online workers. Online Virtual Assistant beginners should consider taking Gina Horkey’s courses to improve their skills and knowledge in the field. Online Virtual Assistants can make $50 when they possess the required experience and skills for the job.

8. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is on the rise in the U.S, and the job is regarded as profitable and lucrative for online workers. For example, one gets to earn $4,000 per month working as a Freelancer. The majority consider the job convenient since it offers freedom and adequate time to accomplish a task. The hourly pay for Freelancers is $30, and the more they undertake tasks, the more the earnings. Also, one gets to increase earnings by taking online tutorials from e-courses. Therefore, several Freelance Writing companies in the U.S seek to employ online freelancers.

9. Tutorial jobs using Chegg

Chegg offers competent, educated, and experienced online workers money. Online workers get to receive $20 per hour with flexible working hours. An individual can work in any place as long as a good internet provider, smartphone, or computer. Tutors receive payments weekly, which enhances trust and convenience when handling online tasks. Some tutors go as far as generating a monthly fee of $1,000. Chegg company is one of the most trusted companies in the U.S and globally, and this has attracted more online tutors.

10. Online Editing

Online editing jobs are numerous in the U.S. Book in a Box offers online users editing jobs at desirable prices. However, the task requires a degree to provide better services to the company. While working for Book in a Box, an online editing job averages from $20 – $50 hourly. Editing jobs are temporary, and workflow depends on clients’ demands. The company offers its workers free editing training to increase their competence. Also, skillful editors are provided with gits as a motivational factor.

11. Online Transcription

Online transcription does not require an individual to have academic qualifications. However, individuals who engage in undertaking the tasks display a high attention rate. For instance, it is necessary to maintain good listening skills to increase the speed of transcribing to voice notes. Rev company is on the rise for providing online transcribers with jobs. The company pays transcribers $25 -$45 per hour. There is flexibility when working for Rev while the task deadlines are well stipulated on their websites. Also, the company pays online transcribers every week.

12. Online Customer support

Online customer support allows workers to operate companies’ activities under programs. For instance, Working Solutions Company offers online users a 15-minute application process, after which individuals who qualify get to work for the company. In addition, online customer support is provided by client programs that ensure that tasks are undertaken promptly and accurately. The payment for the online workers varies depending on the Online Customer Support Company. Also, the income ranges from $9 – $30.

13. Online Customer services

Online Customer services jobs include handling email support and handling calls. NexRep company creates customer service jobs in the U.S. The company operates as independent contractors who pay from $20 to $25. The workers also work as outbound sales agents to receive customers’ calls and offer solutions. The call can be local or international, depending on the services required.

14. Online Web Designing

Online web designing involves creating an attractive platform to increase the client base. The online job requires one to display interest and skills in working for a web designing company. The majority of online web design platforms generate tremendous income. 10UP is a web designing company that employs developers and designers. The workers, in return, get to receive payment of $20 per hour. The U.S consists of numerous web designers who have embraced technological advancement towards improving the quality of online platforms. 10UP Average payment for its web designers and developers is $80, which has motivated the unemployed U.S population. Online web designing provides employers to handle their tasks in any location globally.

15. Online Developer

Online Developer provides employment opportunities in the U.S. For instance, online developers increase their online base by learning online tutorials. In addition, workers increase their market demand by updating their ideas based on technological changes. GitHub company hires customer service representatives, engineers, and online developers to increase productivity and operations. One is required to undertake an online application, after which you get to earn after being accepted. The payment for workers in the company is $60 per year, and it is convenient for one to work from home.

16. Online social media management

Online social media management provides online workers with income. There is extensive use of social media platforms in the world. For instance, politicians in the U.S post their visions to the people, and the majority of the posts are undertaken by the online social media management team. Also, online workers handle statistical analysis on politics and products used. Buffer company is an online social media management company, and it offers employment positions to application developers and data analysts. The company gives workers a $20 payment per hour on average.

17. Online Web development

Online Web Development is convenient for online operators who prefer to stay at home working. The online job is lucrative in the U.S with technological advancement. An online web developer should work at least 30 hours a week. Art & Logic is a company that operates in Canada, and the U.S. Majority of the workers are online web developers who offer services to clients. The average pay that a worker receives is $20 – $30, which depends on the nature of work.

18. Online Higher Education

 Online Higher Education offers those with degrees and master’s qualifications with jobs. Those bound to receive employment in online higher education are layout artists, illustrators, math, and K-12 science. In addition, the APass Education Group offers online workers qualifications that, in return, generate income. The payment for online higher education workers ranges from $20 – $30 per hour. The more one is skilled in an academic area, the more. Also, the subject selection has a direct impact on the payment method. For instance, a math teacher receives higher payment than a social studies teacher.

19. Online medical coding

Online medical coding offers employee positions and independent contractors. It is required that online medical coding workers have Infinity IN USB-2-foot, microphone, and a headset. In addition, the job requires an individual to have coding knowledge, which illustrates why the job is lucrative. iMedix offers online work for people with transcription and medical coding. The company pays workers with online medical coding knowledge from $21 – $26 per hour.

20. Online translator

An online translator is a lucrative job, depending on the number of languages one can understand. The position has high demand since the U.S population has everyone from worldwide. In addition, there arises a challenge in communicating with investors and diplomats in the country. This has led to American Journal Experts providing employment opportunities for online translators. The workers get to receive $15 – $30 per hour, and this does not require academic qualification. Individuals receiving more income are those with Chinese to English translation knowledge.

21.Become a YouTube

YouTube is one of the best online jobs in USA,it can generate millions of dollars per month especially for a committed YouTuber.The nice thing about YouTube is that you don’t need registration fee when starting.

Minimum requirement for one to start making money include:your channels should be at least 12 months old and with over 1,000 subscribers. It should also get at least 4000 watch hours.