Top 70 Best and Most Marketable Diploma Courses to Study in Kenya 2021


There are some diploma courses you will study in Kenya that will take you anywhere, others are very marketable and will readily enable you secure employment in any leading institution. In this era of Covid-19, you should be extremely careful because some diploma courses have been rendered obsolete. If you aren’t guided well, you’ll end up pursuing a useless diploma course.

Some of the areas to avoid include real estate, tourism, hotel management and catering. If you make a mistake of pursing Tourism Management, you’ll end up being jobless forever.

Surprisingly, areas like nursing which used to be less attractive is no a hot cake. If you also pursue something related to marketing and pharmacy, you’ll secure employment so easily.

To pursue a diploma course in Kenya, you require KCSE mean grade of D+ and above. However, some courses demand more than a C minus.

In 2021, here are the best and most marketable diploma courses to study in Kenya:

  1. Diploma In Architecture–JKUAT
  2. Diploma in Clinical Medicine—JKUAT
  3. Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management–JKUAT
  4. Diploma in Business Administration–JKUAT
  5. Diploma in Business Information Technology–JKUAT
  6. Diploma in Information Technology–JKUAT
  7. Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management—JKUAT
  8. Diploma Programmes in Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
  9. Diploma In Leather Technology–UoN
  10. Diploma In Estate Agency And Property Management–UoN
  11. Post Graduate Diploma In Housing Administration–UoN
  12. Diploma In Sales & Marketing(fes)–UoN
  13. Diploma In Adult Education And Community Development–UoN
  14. Diploma In Early Childhood Education–UoN
  15. Diploma In Public Relations–UoN
  16. Diploma In Guidance And Counseling–UoN
  17. Higher Diploma In Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound–UoN
  18. Diploma In Audiology And Public Health Otology–UoN
  19. Diploma In Chinese Language And Culture–UoN
  20. Diploma In Theatre And Film Studies–UoN
  21. Diploma In Criminology And Social Order–UoN
  22. Diploma In Purchasing And Supplies Management–UoN
  23. Diploma In Project Planning And Management–UoN
  24. Diploma in Information System–TUK
  25. Diploma in Communication & Computer Networks–TUK
  26. Diploma Technology in Computer Technology–TUK
  27. Diploma Technology in Computer Engineering–TUK
  28. Diploma in Civil Engineering Diploma in Technology in Civil Engineering–TUK
  29. Diploma in Water Engineering Certificate in AutoCAD–TUK
  30. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering–TUK
  31. Diploma in Telecommunication Systems Technician–TUK
  32. Diploma in Technology (Survey Technology)–TUK
  33. Diploma in Technology (Geo-information Technology)–TUK
  34. Diploma in Technology in Mechanical Engineering options–TUK
  35. Diploma in Technology in Mechatronic Engineering–TUK
  36. Diploma in Technology in Architecture–TUK
  37. Diploma in Quantity Surveying–TUK
  38. Diploma in Quantity Construction Management–TUK
  39. Diploma in Technology (Urban and Regional Planning)–TUK
  40. Diploma in Technology: Environmental Resource Management–TUK
  41. Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology–TUK
  42. Diploma in Technology in Applied Statistics–TUK
  43. Diploma in Technology: Health Records & Information Technology–TUK
  44. Diploma in Technology: Community and Public Health–TUK
  45. Diploma in Technology in Disaster Management–TUK
  46. Diploma in Technology in Hotel and Restaurant Management–TUK
  47. Diploma in Event Management–TUK
  48. Diploma in Accountancy–TUK
  49. Diploma in Secretarial Studies–TUK
  50. Diploma in Supplies Management–TUK
  51. Diploma in Legal Studies–TUK
  52. Diploma in Graphic Design and Communication–TUK
  53. Diploma in Clothing Technology–TUK
  54. Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Making–TUK
  55. Diploma in Technology (Journalism and Public Relations)–TUK
  56. Diploma in Printing and Packaging–TUK
  57. Diploma in Printing Technology–TUK
  58. Higher Diploma in Printing Technology—TUK
  59. Diploma in Dental Technology—KMTC
  60. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery—KMTC
  61. Diploma in Occupational Therapy—KMTC
  62. Diploma in Optometry—KMTC
  63. Diploma in Orthopaedic Technology—KMTC
  64. Diploma in Pharmacy—KMTC
  65. Diploma in Radiography and Imaging (Medical Imaging Sciences)—KMTC
  66. Diploma in Orthopaedic and Trauma Medicine—KMTC
  67. Diploma in Nursing—KMTC
  68. Diploma in Monitoring and evaluation
  69. Diploma in Software Engineering
  70. Diploma in cake baking