Traffic Police Rules in South Africa


If you own a vehicle in South Africa,you definitely need to know these traffic police rules:

1. No traffic officer is allowed to get and keep your license, they are only allowed to get your details off it. You are not required to have a category (professional driving permit) if you are driving a vehicle for private use.

2. If you do not have your licence on you, no police officer is allowed to charge you on the spot. You should be given time to produce it (according to the law its 21 days)

3. When stopped for speeding, there is an allowance of up to 8kms above the speed limit. You should not be charged for over speeding

4. You are within your rights to ask for the calibration certificate of the radar gun used to capture your speed.

5. You are within your rights to ask for a police officer’s man number, WHICH should be worn on the uniform.

6. If you feel a check point has illegally been mounted, drive to the nearest police station and handle your issues from there.



8. Every traffic officer is required to greet you politely – they are a service not a force!

9. No traffic officer is allowed to cause undue delay to a motorist.

10. It is within the law to record a video or capture photos of your encounter with a traffic police officer.

11. You have up to 48 hours to report to the Anti-Corruption Bureau of any misconduct (eg receiving or demanding a bribe) by a traffic officer. Be sure you have evidence such as a video or photos.

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