What is considered Good Traffic for a Blog


Good traffic for a blog is 100,000 monthly visitors and above. With this amount of traffic, you are capable of generating decent income from it. Good traffic is one that ensures the blog pays itself through revenues. It also helps a blogger to earn extra income after paying for hosting.

With 100,000 monthly visitors, you’ll pay approximately $50 per year for hosting in a company like Blushost(check prices here).The same amount of traffic will generate upwards of $150 every month from AdSense.

Here is the exact amount you’ll earn from AdSense with 100,000 monthly visitors:

Assuming each click costs $0.20 and for every 1,000 visitors, you get 10 clicks, it means that you’ll earn $2 for every 1,000 visitors. For every 10,000 visitors, you’ll earn $20 and for every 100,000, AdSense will pay you $200.If you pay $50 per year to a hosting company, you’ll remain with over $2000 per year.

In case you own a niche blog that strictly markets affiliate programs, you’ll earn over $1000 monthly with 100,000 visitors. Some bloggers earn even $5,000 from the traffic.

The same amount of traffic will also attract direct banners and sponsored posts each month, thus boosting your revenues.

With 100,000 monthly visitors, your blog will be among top 300,000 most popular blogs in the world, which is a good score.

Bad traffic is usually below 10,000 per month, especially for a blogger who has owned a website for more than one year. With this traffic, your blog will hardly be noticed. Always aspire to own a blog that gets over 100,000 visitors every month for you to earn enough revenue.

In case you manage to get over 1 million visitors,you’re sure of earning over $2000 on monthly basis. With this traffic, you’ll earn even $200,000 per month from affiliate marketing.