What is the Salary of a Canadian Citizen without a University Degree



If you are a Canadian citizen who has not pursued a university degree, your salary will be slightly less than what university degree holders earn.

The highest paid employees in Canada are those earning above $100,000 while the lowest salaried employees pocket average of $30,000.The lowest salary is where an individual without salary normally fall.

Despite non degree holders being regarded as the lowest paid employees in Canada, there are other individuals who earn more than university holders even without a degree. Marketing jobs, insurance and real estate vacancies, where an individual is paid based on his performance rather than academic qualification, pay handsomely. A financial advisor at an insurance company, who sells insurance policies, annuities and pension scheme policies can earn up to $80,000.An individual working at the oil industry also earns good salary.

Even with some jobs promising attractive pay for non-degree holders, Canadian citizens are always encouraged to pursue at least undergraduate degree so as to increase the chances of earning more and securing job promotion.

If you don’t possess a university degree and you wish to earn more, here is what to do:

  • Do online short courses

If you are constrained financially, you can do online short courses so as to improve your professional profile.

  • Be an excellent performer

Another way of ensuring you earn even better than degree holders is to cut a niche for yourself by surpassing the targets. This way, your company will make a decision of retaining you and even improving terms of payment.

  • Accumulate significant amount of experience

When you accumulate enough professional experience, you will to have your salary Increased over time.

  • Develop a good relationship with your boss

In most cases, bosses are the ones to determine whether an employee is worth salary increment. During appraisal, your boss can either recommend you for salary increment or simply rate you poorly. Developing a solid relationship with your boss is key.