What is the salary of Tourism and Hospitality Professionals in Canada?



Tourism and hospitality professionals earn a modest salary in Canada. Latest survey shows that the professionals in this industry earn $60,000-$95,000.

To be a professional in tourism industry, you have to pursue a diploma/degree in tourism and hospitality. After graduating, you can seek employment in a government institution or the private sector. Most graduates prefer private sector because it pays better than government sector. The salary in the government sector is 10.3 % less than what private sector pays.

In most cases, an employee’s salary is contributed by many factors, which include:

  1. Professional experience
  2. Job title
  3. Sector
  4. Negotiation skills
  5. Talent
  6. Education

People who possess a Masters qualification tend to earn more than those with undergraduate qualifications. Those with masters and at least 10 years’ of experience are the highest paid individuals in Canada.

If you manage to take a leadership position in a company, you are likely to earn twice the salary of most employees in this sector. Latest survey indicates more than 80 % of managers in the tourism industry pocket at least $80,000.This give a reason why professionals strive to secure promotions in Canada.

Tourism & Hospitality industry has been ranked among the best paying sectors in Canada. The major reason is because of the many people migrating to this country. The country also attracts millions of tourists annually.

Now, there is a secret many graduates have never known. In this industry, there are immigrants and tourists who have zero knowledge of English language. People from France, China, Italy and Spain would want to have someone who can translate for them. If you are a Canadian, with a master of French, Italian and Spanish languages, you will definitely earn more than individuals with little knowledge of these foreign languages.