Accountant Salaries in UAE



United Arabs Emirates (UAE) is one of the few countries in the world that pay accountants reasonable salaries.The exodus of Africans,Indians,and citizens from all over the world to UAE is a sign that salaries for accountants in Dubai and UAE are welcome to most of them.

The average salary for an accountant in the UAE is AED 71,200 per year, which is equivalent to AED 5,400 per month.

The salary,gowever,vary depending on the nature of work, company the professional is working for,work experience and the country the accountant comes from.Generally,Africans earn less than what the natives earn. According to latest figures, the average salary of Indians in UAE is AED 3,000 per month and that of Africans is AED 2,800 per month.

Aviation, oil and gas, and real estate industries pay accountants better than education and hospitality industries.

Accountants who have worked for companies for a long period also earn better than fresh graduates.